In The News

Welcome to the “In the News” section. This is where we highlight articles that reference Brandman University, our students, faculty and staff.  

01 May 2014

Northwest Navy Life profiles graduate Angie Ingram who recently graduated with three master's degrees.



25 April 2014

Brandman University faculty member Dr. Kathleen Bates, School of Business and Professional Studies, appeared on Critcal Mass Radio program live from Brandman.

18 April 2014

School of Extended Education adjunct faculty member Viki Lambert authors piece on payroll calculation for



16 April 2014

School of Extended Education professor Janine MacDonald talks to YFS Magazine about how to engage your employees.



15 April 2014

Brandman University Public Relations Director Steve Quis appears on Big Biz radio/tv show to talk about Brandman University's soon to be launched competency-based bachelor's of business administrat