Sheila Lakshmi Steinberg, Dr.

Sheila Lakshmi Steinberg, Dr.

Professor, Social Sciences


P (949) 585-2990

16355 Laguna Canyon Road, 1st Floor, Irvine, CA, 92618
Dr. Sheila Lakshmi Steinberg

Dr. Steinberg is Professor of Social Sciences at Brandman University. Prior to joining Brandman University she taught and conducted research at Chapman University, Humboldt State University and Western New Mexico University-where she received the Teacher of the Year Award.  She was the Director of Community Research for the California Center for Rural Policy, a policy-oriented research center. Additionally, Dr. Steinberg was the Graduate Coordinator for the Sociology Department at Humboldt State University where she directed students in applied research and guided the program's successful re-accreditation. She has conducted field research in Nepal, Guatemala, New Mexico, Pennsylvania and California. Dr. Steinberg is also a former U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer and taught classes at the Universidad de San Carlos, Guatemala. Sheila enjoys guiding students in research and teaching them about the important role that research plays in developing effective policy.

Dr. Steinberg’s research interests include applied sociology, environmental sociology, research methods, community, geospatial research (GIS) and policy. The theme throughout this research has been the examination of people and their relationship to space and place. Recently, she co-authored a chapter on this topic entitled "Geospatial Analysis Technology and Social Science Research" in the Handbook of Emergent Technologies, Sharlene Hesse-Biber, Editor, Oxford University Press 2011.  In 2006, she co-authored a book for Sage Publications entitled, GIS for the Social Sciences: Investigating Space and Place. In 2013, she joined Brandman University where she now teaches courses on research methods, diversity and environmental science. Dr. Steinberg is located at Brandman’s Irvine campus and affiliated with the Brandman online campus.