The Brandman iDeal

The Brandman iDEAL™ represents both the ultimate educational experience for adult students through active and engaged learning and the best preparation for career success in today's technology-driven, networked world.

Leveraging Brandman's heritage of educational excellence as part of the 150-year-old Chapman University System, we developed the Brandman iDEALTM (Instructional Design for Engaged Adult Learning), offering an innovative approach to educating adult students. The Brandman iDEALTM is "learning-centered" rather than "teacher-centered," using technology to enhance and activate the learning experience. As a result, all campus-based courses are now offered in a blended model, combining face-to-face instruction with independent and collaborative online learning.

What are the Benefits?

  • A transformed learning experience moving from a classroom-based, static and singular experience to one that is more dynamic, collaborative and independent of geography.
  • Learning becomes a living experience, integrating real-world issues and current events into each class.
  • All courses are continually assessed against pre-determined metrics for improved student engagement and learning.
  • An accelerated course of study, allowing the completion of additional units in an academic year.

"The Brandman iDEAL™ provides the opportunity to combine the best components of both the face-to-face and online environments. It is not a compromise between the two alternatives, it's a superior synthesis."

- Walter Bunch,  Senior Lecturer, Brandman University