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What’s your best tip for a successful session at Brandman?

July 13, 2015

FacebookPageWe’ve launched a new feature on the Brandman University Facebook page: the question of the week. Last Wednesday, we asked: What is your best tip for a successful session at Brandman? You’ll find some of the answers below and all of them on . Look for a new question every Wednesday.

Vanessa Ponce Celebrate each class, each week, each assignment completed ! It brings you that much closer to success! Remind yourself why you’re doing it!

Dianne Horton Stay organized, motivated and think positive – you as a student will do the rest!

Leila Garcia Complete assignments (without procrastinating) and then do something fun. I always made weekend plans for IF I finished my homework. If I finish my homework I’ll take my son to a movie. I would never tell anyone else my “if” plans because I didn’t want to disappoint anyone else. Also, at the end, If I get a B or better I will celebrate by taking my son and husband to dinner. Again, never told anyone but my journal.

Lynn Larsen Always be proactive and speak with your instructor as soon as you have a question or a concern. We’re here to help you be successful! 

Ebony Nicole Funches Complete assignments as far in advance as you can.

Dave Bothwell Be proactive. Review the course early. Find the best way to communicate with the course Prof., and ask questions when necessary. (remember the professors don’t construct the course) Attack the textbook early. Attack the DBs early. Attack the SAs early. Don’t let anything discourage you…not the course work, not the professor, not anything…

Adrienne Griffith Time management! It helps with organization and stress. It also keeps your family from feeling neglected or stressed.

Marc S. Posner Use the syllabus as a planner. It will help you break the course down into 8 segments. I also liked to count down the weeks: 7 weeks left (“I can do this”); 5 weeks left (“I have this”); 3 weeks left (“almost there”); last week (“knocking on the door”).

Andrew Plus Jamie Greenfield Do your work, read your text, and FINALLY read the APA guidelines for citation…I can’t believe how many junior and senior students love to brag about their knowledge, yet can’t cite for anything!

Sherry Romaniski Connect with other students – could be future colleagues or study buddies.

Matt Medland Manage your time and do ALL of your discussion posts and make each one of them long and always include a citation. Focus on your work. There is no excuse to not get an A.

Sandy Ramos Take vitamins! Take notes and never be afraid to ask questions! #brandmanrocks !!

Destinie Lee Lovely Hoffmann Do the discussion boards on time always and reply to people do not slack off in that will hurt your grade the most

Vernon Davis For the love of God, use those grading rubrics, people!!  Also, if you’re in a program as team-/group-oriented as OL, jump on those Team Projects as early as possible. No procrastinating; it’s hilarious to see the DB post count jump from 4 to 30, between 11:40 and 11:50pm on Wednesday.

Lyndsey Castro-Allen What worked for me is starting my assignments on Monday and finishing them for the week by Wednesday night, that way I’d have the rest of the week to relax. I always felt accomplished Wednesday nights. Lol

Jennifer Marzocca Trust the process!

Angie Garcia Furtado Keep up on the work, ask questions. Get a study buddy if possible.

Brittany Laura Stay committed. Reach out for help if needed! Last, remember that it was never going to be easy but the end reward makes it all worth the challenge!  Graduated 2014 Bachelors Organizational Business Leadership

Lisa Coto Use Google sparingly.

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