BA, Psychology

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

BA, Social Work

Bachelor of Arts in Social Work

BBA, Business Administration

Bachelor of Business Administration

The program prepares students for professional opportunities and advancement in a dynamic, global business environment through innovative and career-relevant curriculum. Available fully online or on-campus with integrated online components, the Bachelor of Business Administration is designed for those who want a high quality education with built-in flexibility as they work on gaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

MS, Human Resources

Master of Science in Human Resources

BA, Criminal Justice

Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice

What is the nature and extent of crime? How will law enforcement deal with the new typologies of crime that appear? Has Homeland Security effectively created a safer environment in a post 9/11 world? The Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice program examines these and other questions about the scientific study of criminal behaviors in their complex sociological settings.

AA, General Education

The Associate of Arts in General Education