Scholarships & Loan Repayment Opportunities

In addition to the information below, the Internet and your local public library are excellent resources for scholarship and loan repayment information.

Check out the free scholarship services listed below to learn of scholarship opportunities funded by individuals, companies, and foundations.

Bureau of Health Professions

College Board


Johnson & Johnson’s

Peterson’s Guide to Nursing Programs

Sigma Theta Tau International

U.S. Department of Education

Remember, never pay for a scholarship or scholarship search! Even if it is only a few dollars. Some even have a guarantee that you will get a scholarship. These are usually scams, so beware.

 After College/AACN Scholarship Fund

Award: $2,500

This scholarship is available for students who are seeking baccalaureate, master’s or doctoral degrees in nursing.

For questions, eligibility requirements and to apply, please visit


Indian Health Service (IHS) Loan Repayment Program

The IHS Loan Repayment Program is available to help repay undergraduate and graduate loans of health professionals in return for full-time clinical service in Indian health programs.

To apply visit


National Association of Neonatal Nurses

NANN offers scholarships for applicants earning a BSN or graduate degree in neonatal nursing or nursing administration.

For more information visit


National Black Nurses Association

NBNA offers a variety of scholarships for applicants in pursuit of a baccalaureate or other advanced nursing degree.

For more information and to apply visit


NHSC Loan Repayment

Award: Up to $60,000

To be eligible for up to $60,000 in an initial loan repayment award Corps members are required to practice full-time for at least two years or part-time for four years at an NHSC-approved site.  An award of $30,000 is available for two years of half-time service. Approved sites are located across the country in Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs).

For questions, eligibility requirements and to apply, please visit


Oncology Nursing Society Foundation

ONS awards academic scholarships to students pursuing bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral degrees or post-master’s certificates.

For more information visit


National Association of Hispanic Nurses

Award: $1,000 to $2,000

Annually, NAHN awards students earning master’s degrees in maternal-child nursing programs as well as any level nursing programs, including baccalaureate.

For more information visit

Undergraduate Students

Active Duty Health Professions Loan Repayment Program

Award: Up to $50,000

This program offers to repay qualified educational loans in exchange for active duty service in the U.S. Army.

For more information visit


Army ROTC Nurse Officer Program

This program provides scholarship, leadership and job opportunities to prospective nursing students.

For more information visit


Chi Eta Phi Sorority Inc. Scholarship

Award: $50,000

The Chi Eta Phi Sorority awards national, regional and local-level scholarships to minority nursing students annually.

For more information visit or call 1-202-232-3858. Scholarship

Award: $500

This scholarship awards several qualified nursing students with a disability.

Deadline: June 1 each year

For more information visit


Health Professions Education Foundation

The Health Professions Education Foundation is offering two BSN programs:


BSN Scholarship Amount: Up to $13,000 Deadline: September 11 each year
BSN Loan Repayment Amount: Up to $19,000 Deadline: March 24 each year


For more information visit or call 1-800-773-1669.


National Student Nurses’ Association

NSNA offers scholarship awards for undergraduates.

For more information visit


Nurse Loan Repayment and Scholarship Program

The Division of Nursing at HRSA is offering scholarships and loan repayment to registered nurses serving at a health facility in an undeserved area.

For more information visit

Graduate Students


Faculty Loan Repayment Program

Award: Up to $40,000

FLRP awards graduate students from disadvantaged backgrounds loan repayment in exchange for serving two years on the faculty of an accredited health professions college or university.

For more information visit


Nursing Education Loan Repayment Program

Award: 60% of Loan Balance

The NELRP awards registered nurses in exchange for serving two years at a health facility in an undeserved area.

For more information visit


Nurses’ Education Funds, Inc.

NEF awards nursing students enrolled in accredited master’s or doctoral level nursing programs.

For more information visit