Science of Obesity

This course covers the role of diet and exercise in weight loss and body weight maintenance. Discussion of metabolic and physiological changes occurring during weight gain and loss will be covered. The course looks into the current trends in obesity and the relationship between body weight, obesity and disease risk. Research comparing popular diets used for weight loss and disease treatment is covered along with recommendations for optimal weight loss and weight maintenance programs.

Survival Spanish: Culture and Language for Healthcare Professionals

This course provides basic Spanish communication skills and an understanding of Latino culture for healthcare professionals. Students explore the history and culture of the monolingual Latino population. They also learn and practice necessary language skills to communicate with Spanish speaking clients in the healthcare environment about health-related issues. No previous Spanish language experience is required. Course must be taken in fulfillment of the humanities prerequisite for the RN to BSN program.

RN to BSN Prerequisite Bundle

In preparation for a BSN program, Brandman offers prerequisites for the RN to BSN program to provide students a head start. While not all courses are offered simultaneously, they are offered in a combination to help satisfy prerequisite requirements in a timely and doable manner.

Admission to the University is not required. Courses available are:

BA, Criminal Justice, Forensics

Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice, Forensics

What is the nature and extent of crime? How will law enforcement deal with the new typologies of crime that appear? Has Homeland Security effectively created a safer environment in a post 9/11 world? The Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice program examines these and other questions about the scientific study of criminal behaviors in their complex sociological settings. The Forensics emphasis dives deeper into concepts such as applied criminology, forensic documentation, and crime scene investigation.


Bachelor of Science in Nursing

BS, Computing Technology, Business Systems Administration

Bachelor of Science in Computing Technology, Business Systems Administration

Focusing on the latest practical technologies and transferable experiences in coherent application building modules, the Bachelor of Science in Computing Technology with an emphasis in Business Systems Administration teaches students the skills needed to install, test and administrate networking systems with data security features. In addition to the Business Systems Administration emphasis, Brandman offers alternative areas of concentration for the degree including:

BA, Social Work

Bachelor of Arts in Social Work

BA, Legal Studies

Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies

The program gives students the theoretical, historical, social and political foundations to understand law in a democratic society. The Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies examines theory and investigates the relationships between power, democracy, punishment, rights and citizenship. Students will explore the historical foundations of the American legal order, work to understand Supreme Court decisions and appreciate the role social movements have played in the judicial system.