Learning Circles

Learning Circles is designed for groups of three or more individuals who would like to get together to discuss a quality book, with the purpose of improving professional practice. The courses are based on a book chosen by participants using the guidelines and rubric provided in the syllabus. This program is ideal for after-school planning, grade-level meetings, book clubs, or other venues that encourage meaningful professional discussions.

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PC Technology

Brandman University and partners are able to provide a wide variety of certifications and courses in technology and modern telecommunications with online and on-ground classes offered in various locations throughout the country.

The courses in this section have been designed for anyone interested in a "real-world," hands-on approach to Data Networking Technologies.

FCC Licensure

Satellite Communications

New technology and demands are changing the way communication satellites are used. The most mature of space applications, these courses are designed for the contractors, union craftsman, electricians, technicians, installers, LAN manager/administrators, end-users, engineers, MIS managers, facilities managers, and anyone involved in repairing, installing, maintaining, designing, evaluating, or, provisioning Information Technology and satellite communication systems.

Better Process Control School

Brandman University delivers 2-day and 4-day Better Process Control School workshops to companies outside of California at your site.

Better Process Control School certifies supervisors of thermal processing systems, acidification, and container closure evaluation programs for low-acid and acidified canned foods. The school satisfies the training requirements specified in both the FDA and USDA regulations and is offered as a 2-day (Acidified Foods Only) or 4-day workshop (Acidified & Low-Acid).

BA, Criminal Justice, Forensics

Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice, Forensics

What is the nature and extent of crime? How will law enforcement deal with the new typologies of crime that appear? Has Homeland Security effectively created a safer environment in a post 9/11 world? The Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice program examines these and other questions about the scientific study of criminal behaviors in their complex sociological settings. The Forensics emphasis dives deeper into concepts such as applied criminology, forensic documentation, and crime scene investigation.