Clear Administrative Services Credential

The Clear Administrative Services Credential (formerly Tier II) program is designed to develop the professional competencies of practicing educational leaders. Students work with their Brandman University faculty mentor and a self-selected district support provider to develop the skills necessary to:


This online program authorizes you to provide specialized instruction to English learners in a California classroom. You'll learn to design curriculum to assist students with developing their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in English.

Autism, Added Authorization

Did you know that autism has grown 600% since 1991? We at Brandman University know that California’s teachers weren’t trained to manage the epidemic. We have sought to meet that need by launching one of California’s first state-approved Autism Authorization programs.

Our 4 course, 12 unit program provides either a CTC-designated authorization to serve learners with Autism Spectrum Disorders or a Certificate of Completion. Since Brandman classes are after hours and online, teachers can learn new skills and stay where they're needed: in the classroom.

Survival Spanish: Culture and Language for Healthcare Professionals

This course provides basic Spanish communication skills and an understanding of Latino culture for healthcare professionals. Students explore the history and culture of the monolingual Latino population. They also learn and practice necessary language skills to communicate with Spanish speaking clients in the healthcare environment about health-related issues. No previous Spanish language experience is required.

Course may be taken in fulfillment of the humanities prerequisite for the RN to BSN program.

Graduate Certificate, Health Administration

Graduate Certificate in Health Administration

The Marybelle and Paul S. Musco School of Nursing and Health Professions encourages the growth and development of professionals connected with the healthcare industry by offering a Graduate Certificate in Health Administration. The program begins by introducing students to healthcare policy, organization and delivery. Students build on these fundamental concepts by learning the advanced principles of law, ethics, services, healthcare economics and selecting an additional course in either innovation or quality management.

Graduate Certificate, Global Human Resources

Graduate Certificate in Global Human Resources

Successful completion of this program enables students to pursue careers in a variety of organizational settings and industries. The Graduate Certificate in Global Human Resources addresses the need for managers and business leaders to set clear objectives that contribute to attaining a competitive strategic advantage in the marketplace. Students will become key players in the international human resource field and learn to motivate employees, redevelop a culture of trust, integrity and profit in a customer-centric world.

Graduate Certificate, Human Resource Development

Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Development

This program is designed to develop professionals managing individual, group and organizational strategies in the workplace. The Graduate Certificate in Human Resources with a concentration in Human Resource Development focuses on areas such as employee training, career development, performance management tactics, coaching, succession planning and employee identification. An alternative concentration is available in Human Resource Management.

Graduate Certificate, Human Resource Management

Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management

This program is designed for human resource practitioners who may not have a full resume of formal training in the field or may want to enhance their expertise by gaining "working knowledge" of the concept for application in the workplace. The Graduate Certificate in Human Resources with a concentration in Human Resource Management focuses on areas such as HR systems, training and development, compensation structures and employee benefits.

IT Training Courses

Fulfilling Career Goals!

Brandman University and New Horizons Southern California are partnering together to bring you accessible, easy and affordable ways to gain the technical knowledge necessary in today’s educational environment.

As a learning solutions provider for the industry's top vendors, such as Microsoft and Cisco, New Horizons is positioned to offer the latest authorized curriculum delivered by certified instructors to keep you on the cutting edge of information technology.

Directed Study

Between class, lesson planning, and administrative commitments, it can be difficult for educators to find time for their own education and professional development. With Brandman University’s self-paced, online Directed Study courses, educators can find a course that fits not only their unique areas of interest but their busy lives and schedules.