Graduate Certificate, Human Resource Management

Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management

This program is designed for human resource practitioners who may not have a full resume of formal training in the field or may want to enhance their expertise by gaining "working knowledge" of the concept for application in the workplace. The Graduate Certificate in Human Resources with a concentration in Human Resource Management focuses on areas such as HR systems, training and development, compensation structures and employee benefits.

Directed Study

Between class, lesson planning, and administrative commitments, it can be difficult for educators to find time for their own education and professional development. With Brandman University’s self-paced, online Directed Study courses, educators can find a course that fits not only their unique areas of interest but their busy lives and schedules.

PayTrain Certification Exam Preparation

In cooperation with the American Payroll Association, the PayTrain Fundamentals and Mastery courses are ideal for seasoned professionals interested in advancing their careers or sitting for a certification exam, as well as for new hires seeking an understanding of the industry. 
Additional Resouces:

Practical Payroll Online Series

The objective of this program is to instruct the payroll professional in all facets of payroll from the basics of What are wages? to the intricate complexity of fringe benefits taxation and garnishments.  Depending on the current experience of the student, its objective is to teach the solid skills and knowledge of payroll rules and regulations to the beginner and to increase or refresh the skills of the more experienced student. 

Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) Exam Preparation

Entry level and seasoned professionals looking to broaden their knowledge and skills in the field of corporate treasury management for career advancement, to help your company, or prepare for the CTP exam, this course is ideal for you.

Essentials of HR Management Certificate

Designed as a thorough introduction to HR basics, this SHRM course provides a solid foundation in HR understanding improving job performance across multiple job titles and functions. Appropriate for entry level HR staff, small business owners and office managers, managers and front line supervisors, and others working with teams and direct reports. Reduce the risk of potential high-cost litigation and promote a consistent understanding of the HR function within non-HR management.

Science of Obesity

This course covers the role of diet and exercise in weight loss and body weight maintenance. Discussion of metabolic and physiological changes occurring during weight gain and loss will be covered. The course looks into the current trends in obesity and the relationship between body weight, obesity and disease risk. Research comparing popular diets used for weight loss and disease treatment is covered along with recommendations for optimal weight loss and weight maintenance programs.

Project Management

Brandman University has partnered with MindEdge, Inc., a Global Registered Education Provider of the Project Management Institute, to offer online project management courses and simulations.

RN to BSN Prerequisite Bundle

In preparation for a BSN program, Brandman offers prerequisites for the RN to BSN program to provide students a head start. While not all courses are offered simultaneously, they are offered in a combination to help satisfy prerequisite requirements in a timely and doable manner.

Admission to the University is not required. Courses available are:

Survival Spanish: Culture and Language for Healthcare Professionals (For CEUs)

This course provides basic Spanish communication skills and an understanding of Latino culture for healthcare professionals. Students explore the history and culture of the monolingual Latino population. They also learn and practice necessary language skills to communicate with Spanish speaking clients in the healthcare environment about health-related issues. No previous Spanish language experience is required. Course must be taken for academic credit to satisfy the humanities prerequisite for the RN to BSN program. 3 Credits.