BA, Liberal Studies, Culture and Media Studies

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies, Culture and Media Studies

This program immerses students in the various ways humans create, value and behave to provide a deeper appreciation of the human condition throughout our cultural history. The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in Culture and Media Studies is designed to encourage multidisciplinary exploration with curriculum covering subjects that include popular culture, economics, politics, visual and verbal language, literacy, ethnic and gender identities, technology and media.

In addition to Culture and Media Studies Brandman offers an alternative emphasis in Multiple Subjects Teaching for the B.A. in Liberal Studies program.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Ethics:  Compare and contrast philosophical perspectives on ethics
  • Globalization:  Evaluate the impact of globalization on local cultures
  • Theory:  Evaluate the impact of the construction of knowledge on society
  • Multiculturalism:  Evaluate the effects of multiculturalism on society
  • Media Literacy:  Compare and contrast traditional and new media
  • American Politics:  Explain the separation of powers as articulated in the US Constitution

Admission Requirements

Students must have completed 12 or more transferable baccalaureate level credits or the equivalent for admission to Brandman University.

Prospective students intending on enrolling in this program, whether online or on campus, must be California residents to do so.

Prospective students must submit the following:

  1. Completed application package.
  2. Official transcripts from ALL colleges and universities attended. Only credits from regionally accredited institutions may be accepted in transfer. Failure to report any previous academic work at another college or university may be considered a violation of academic integrity.
  3. For those applying under an active military agreement with Brandman University, admissibility and minimum transfer credit awarded will be determined based on the Community College of the Air Force, SMART, AARTS or JST transcripts. If additional coursework from other institutions is submitted prior to admission this coursework will also be included in determining admissibility and transferability for course credit.

Graduation Requirements–Bachelor Degrees

  • A minimum of 120 credits.
  • 36 credits earned in upper- division coursework.
  • Minimum of 32 credits completed in residence at Brandman; 18 of which must be upper-division credits, 12 of which must be completed in students major.
  • A 2.0 grade point average on a 4.0 scale at Brandman and transfer work.
  • A 2.0 grade point average in all major and minor coursework. Programs may have additional grade requirements.
  • Resolution of all “I” grades.
  • LBSU 300 Liberal Arts Core Foundations- (Cannot be used as an elective in a major, minor, or certificate program)
  • LBSU 302 Information Fluency and Academic Integrity (Cannot be used as an elective in a major, minor, or certificate program)

Students pursuing the Culture and Media Studies Emphasis must receive a grade equivalent of at least "C" for courses taken to fulfill major requirements. Courses may be used to fulfill both major and general education requirements..


A. Culture and Media Studies core courses
Language and Media

Literature (English or other language) 200 level or higher
Advanced writing 200 level or higher
COMU 315 Intercultural Communications 3
HUMU 345 Art, Media Technology, and Culture 3
COMU 230 Media in Everyday Life 3
Total Credits 15


Cultural and Historical

  One from the following:  
POSU 110 Introduction to American Politics 3
or POSU 343 Constitutional Government  
or POSU 344 Constitutional Rights  
  One from the following:  
HUMU 347 Society, Culture, and Literature 3
or HUMU 449 Multicultural Perspectives  
  One from the following:  
OLCU 350 Leadership and Professional Ethics 3
or PHLU 304 Multicultural Ethics  
  Two upper division courses from the following:  
  Economics, History, Political Science, or Social Science (SSCU) 6


B. Culture and Media Studies Concentration (12 credits):

12 additional credits from such humanities disciplines as art, communication, English, foreign languages, history, humanities, liberal studies, music, philosophy, religious studies or a similar set of disciplines approved by a faculty advisor. A minimum of 9 of upper division credits is required.


C. Capstone Course

LBSU 402 Ways and Rhetoric of Knowing 3


Total Credits 45
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