CSCU 0091: FTTP/PON Market and System Design Overview

CSCU 0091: FTTP/PON Market and System Design Overview

  • Tuition: $1,750 (CAEL agreed tuition with ten percent discount is $1,575)
  • Other Fees: No Cost
  • Books, Meals, Travel, Materials, Software, Equipment: No Cost
  • The tuition only covers administrative costs and nothing else is provided to the student.

A class that introduces students to the market conditions, access technologies and design considerations that shape the FTTP networks being deployed around the world today and planned for tomorrow. Students will receive expert lecture and practical in-class design exercises that teach and reinforce the design approaches and considerations used in developing FTTP networks.

We recommend this course for anyone who wants to understand how FTTP systems are designed. Students will achieve a good understanding of the design factors for Passive Optical Networks (PONs). This course is 16 hours and equivalent to 1.6 CEUs.

Upon completion of this course, the student will understand the following program topics:

  • FTTP market overview
  • Architecture and Topology
  • Component Selection
  • FTTP standards
  • FTTP electronics

The student will also complete a residential case study.


  • CSCU 0088: FTTP/PON Fundamentals
  • CSCU 0089: FTTP/PON Splicing & Termination
  • CSCU 0090: FTTP/PON System Building & Testing