CSCU 0096: Advanced Fiber Optics ISP/OSP

CSCU 0096: Advanced Fiber Optics ISP/OSP

  • Tuition: $1,750 (CAEL agreed tuition with ten percent discount is $1,575)
  • Other Fees: No Cost
  • Books, Meals, Travel, Materials, Software, Equipment: No Cost
  • The tuition only covers administrative costs and nothing else is provided to the student.

Advanced Fiber Optics ISP/OSP is an advanced treatment of Fiber Optics Inside Plant (ISP) and Fiber Optics Outside Plant (OSP). The Advanced Fiber Optics ISP/OSP course provides an in depth presentation of components, network design, installation and troubleshooting. Labs include advanced hands-on OTDR testing and practice in terminating various cables with numerous connector types and epoxy methods. Students will perform both fusion and mechanical splicing, as well as learn the basics of fiber optic network design. Prerequisite: The Advanced Fiber Optics ISP/OSP course is an advanced course that requires prior course work or experience. Recommended prerequisite courses: CSCU 0093: Fiber Optics Inside Plant, and CSCU 0094: Fiber Optics Outside Plant.

The course was designed for anyone responsible or interested in a “real-world”, hands on approach in Data Networking Technologies, Techniques, Applications and Design. Telecom professionals, outside plant / field, network operations, central office, technical marketing, help desk, project managers, network engineers, network administrators, voice engineers, and those in charge of converging voice and data networks. This course is 16 hours and equivalent to 1.6 CEUs.

Upon completion of the course, students will have an in-depth understanding of:

  • Cables: all types, where generally used, handling, troubleshooting
  • Connectors: all types, recognizing old and obsolete as well as current connectors, termination types (adhesive, pre-polished, etc.), termination processes, single mode vs. multimode polishing, troubleshooting
  • Splices: fusion vs. mechanical, mass fusion, cleaving, splice trays and closures, cable/fiber handling, troubleshooting