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Established in 1999, Diane Morrison courses offer an array of leading-edge courses to thousands of educators and administrators. These courses will allow you to: improve your teaching skills and earn graduate credit to increase your earning potential; earn credit for projects that you are already doing in your classroom; integrate your yearly growth plan into your course; and relax and enjoy the freedom of designing your course, all while working at your own pace in a convenient place. Diane Morrison courses feature a consulting staff with over 150 years of combined experience in the field of education.


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EDCU 9018 An Environment for Learning
The purpose of this course is to encourage educators to use their classroom to their greatest advantage. Color, lighting and room set up all effect the brain's ability to process and retain information. Practical tools for creating an exciting learning environment and time to create your optimal environment will be explored. An Environment For Learning will correlate the effects of your environment on testing, assessment, student achievement, and personal satisfaction.
EDDU 9004 Movement And The Mind
Over 80+ brain research studies have proven the correlation of movement and academic triumph in the classroom. Movement-based activities for K- 12 can be adapted across curricular content areas (math, science, English, foreign languages, social studies and more). Quick and easy to learn, thousands of ideas to choose from, fun to employ, movement based activities are easy on the budget, improve academic performance, and will be the hit of your classroom.
EDDU 9008 Together We Achieve More
Cooperative Learning – Organization - Structure and Team Building. Give your students skills that parallel real-world social interaction. Develop effective communication skills in your classroom. Prepare students to solve problems through collaboration. Encourage students to develop interpersonal and interpersonal skills. Build a safe/secure learning environment. Your students will enjoy the variety of creative new ideas. The most practical and useful class that you will ever put to use.
EDDU 9009 Creativity Pool For Teachers
Learn the essentials of teaching challenged readers. This course offers easy-to-understand interpretations of research that supports the important principles, and shows teachers how to use a variety of best practices with students who have reading challenges.
EDDU 9010 The Communication Triangle: Parents/Teachers/ Students Instructor
The purpose of this course is to identify different personality traits and the most effective ways of reducing anger and creating a win-win problem-solving situation. Parenting concepts centering on building self-concept, separation of problems, use of thinking words, offering choices, and meeting the consequences of our kids’ mistakes with empathy will be covered. Application of strategies will be useful to the classroom and social settings.
EDUU 9790 Health Tips for Teachers
Effective education requires teachers who are active and engaged. The health and vitality of teachers can make all the difference in the classroom. So how do we create vigorous instructors? Recent research directs us to the foundational principles of health, physical activity, and diet. These studies reveal how food decreases or increases performance. Strategies that fuel physical and mental energy will be presented as well as techniques for applying these strategies in the classroom.
EDDU 9056 Essential Instruction For Challenged Readers
Learn the essentials of teaching challenged readers. This course offers easy-to-understand interpretations of research that supports the important principles, and shows teachers how to use a variety of best practices with students who have reading challenges.
EDDU 9084 A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words
Yes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Images are used everywhere we look from advertising to, art, history, story telling, research, reporting and many other ways to convey meaning. Explore the world of photography and its application to curriculum instruction.
EDDU 9803 - 9 Ways to Communicate
The focus of this course is on helping people handle conflict, solve problems, and improve relationships. Each personality type has a different value system as well as a different style of communicating. We will look at those differences and use appropriate coaching techniques to establish trust and rapport with each personality type by using the Enneagram Personality system.
EDDU 9804 Teach Smarter Not Harder
The right stuff is right here! Educators rely on research-based information for a reason…IT WORKS. Your time is valuable. Explore instructional strategies and learning approaches that are proven to be effective. Research-based design drives teacher success and increases student achievement. It's time to work smarter, not harder!
EDDU 9810 Play To Your Strengths
What do great teachers do differently? How do they inspire their students? Great teachers show love-love of students, learning and teaching! Great teachers do not set high expectations or low expectations they set the right expectations for students. Learn the difference between talent, knowledge, and skill. Discover your signature teaching themes using a strengths finder inventory. Learn how to use your teacher strengths in ways that are particular to the inventory and your teaching style.
EDKU 9027 Teaching Digital Natives Partnering For Real Learning
What do "digital native"and "digital immigrant" mean? Teach to a digital generation. Maintain the highest standards of education. The 4 "c's" of 21 Century Learning (Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, Critical Thinking) take center stage in this course.
EDLU 9001 Write Here Write Now
We know our writers need tangible models to make success achievable…and the most important model is YOU! Teacher writing builds cohesion and boosts energy for all. Explore literature that encourages the writer within and finally craft those sample pieces that align with your specific K-12 writing objectives. What a relief…teacher writing models ready to share for different units of study! Not a writing teacher? Create cross-curricular writing pieces that support your content goals.
EDLU 9823 A Picture Book Collection Just For You
Picture books enhance instruction in every classroom across all content areas…yes, even with older learners! The effective teacher uses picture books to provide modeling, develop comprehension, stimulate thinking, and increase motivation. Explore resources that lead you to the right literature. Create a picture book library that supports the needs of your diverse learners. Your library will capture interest and boost achievement. Just PICTURE it!
EDSU 9018 Digital Photography Can You Picture It
Incorporate technology through digital photography. Research shows that higher student engagement leads to greater student achievement. You have your digital camera, now what? Learn its functions and how to incorporate it into the student experience.
EDSU 9019 The Organized Professional


  • 3 semester graduate credits from Brandman University

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  • $445.00 paid to Diane Morrison Consulting - Includes Brandman University Graduate Credit and materials fee.


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