Our Mission


The mission of Brandman University is to provide students with a dynamic education based on excellence and flexibility that creates lasting value and relevance for evolving careers.


Brandman University will be the recognized leader in the evolution of adult learning.


Our purpose is to impart knowledge and skills that help students achieve their dreams.

Living Our Values

We accomplish our mission by living our values, aiming to achieve the highest levels of:

  • Respect: Brandman faculty and staff hold the highest regard for each other, our students, our communities and our environment.
  • Innovation: We value new, viable ideas and rigorously promote them to ensure that course content is relevant and engaging.
  • Service-oriented: Through instruction and guidance, we serve the needs of our students with knowledge and skills, putting others before ourselves.
  • Teamwork: By supporting each other, we accomplish more than what is possible individually.
  • Integrity: Our personal and professional behavior is guided by honesty, ethics and conscience.

Achieving Our Purpose

Dedicated to upholding Brandman University’s purpose and values, our faculty members:

  • Strive for continuous renewal and innovation
  • Create a participative and collaborative culture
  • Engage in ongoing academic and professional development
  • Value diversity and encourages respect for contributions from all cultures
  • Foster success and upholds quality