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As a socially responsible non-profit institution, Brandman University recognizes the enormous value and importance of creating mutually beneficial partnerships with corporations and local organizations. To date, we have partnered with over 100 organizations, both large and small, spanning nearly every major industry. Thanks to our continual focus on providing students with a quality education that prepares students to be successful in real-world work environments, our degree programs have recently received top honors from US News & World Report.

As a partner organization, we count on your input, collaboration and feedback to continually make updates and changes that better prepare our students to be successful in the workforce. In return, we often offer our partners, and their employees, exclusive access to scholarships not available anywhere else. Partners also have access to an assortment of complimentary webinars and workshops presented by expert faculty and industry leaders.

Whether you’re looking to create or enhance a tuition assistance program, conduct a customized training, get access to employee scholarships, view one of our engaging webinars, attend a workshop, or participate as a subject expert on our advisory board, becoming a Brandman University partner organization is a smart business move!

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