BBA to MBA, Accelerated Degree

This accelerated and integrated degree program provides students entering a BBA program, an expedited degree path to an MBA with up to 18 fewer credits than finishing separate BBA and MBA degree programs. The admission process for the MBA program begins during the student’s senior year of the BBA program.

BBA to MBA Degree Overview

The Accelerated Bachelor of Business Administration to Master of Business Administration (BBA to MBA) prepares graduates to manage and lead enterprises that create value for stakeholders in a dynamic, global business environment.

As a student, you will:

  • Analyze and evaluate business functions and processes.
  • Evaluate and formulate effective domestic and global business strategies.
  • Integrate ethics, corporate social responsibility and sustainability in decision-making.
  • Identify, evaluate, communicate and implement effective leadership of a diverse workforce.
  • Research, design and apply the innovation process from creativity to solution design and implementation.


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Summer II (Jul 01, 2019)

Estimated Cost

$500/Credit BBA; $650/Credit MBA

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Going back to school helped me get out of my comfort zone. It helped me get past the ‘we’ve always done it that way’ mentality. I learned that I needed to innovate personally, professionally and to help other become more innovative.
Keith F. | MBA Program, 2015
Before, I was stuck in the process. Now I have the larger picture. I am more well-rounded. I would like to move to a management/leadership position and working on my MBA has made me better candidate.
Sandra W. | MBA Program, 2015

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    Admission Requirements

    Applicants for this program must complete the formal application process with all required documents, which include:

    • 12 or more transferable baccalaureate level credits or the equivalent
    • Completed application
    • Official transcripts from ALL colleges and universities attended
    • A minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA

    Only credits from regionally accredited institutions may be accepted in transfer. Failure to report any previous academic work at another college or university may be considered a violation of academic integrity.

    active military?

    Admissibility and minimum transfer credit awarded will be determined based on the Community College of the Air Force, SMART, AARTS or JST transcripts.

    Short Transferable Credits?

    Brandman’s School of Extended Education offers a 4 course program allowing you to earn up to the 12 credits needed for admission. Check out the Brandman Track to learn more.

    Program Curriculum

    • In addition to the University General Education requirements, the BBA portion of the Accelerated BBA to MBA requires the following components: 18 Lower-Division Core requirements; 24 Upper-Division Core requirements; 21 undergraduate electives; 6 Additional Core requirements taken at the graduate level upon admission to graduate standing during the senior year; and a 3 Credit Capstone.

      Lower Division Core


      ACCU 201 Principles of Accounting I


      ACCU 202 Principles of Accounting II


      CSCU 200 Introduction to Computers and Data Processing


      ECNU 201 Principles of Macroeconomics


      ECNU 202 Principles of Microeconomics


      MATU 203 Introduction to Statistics




      Upper Division Core


      ACCU 360 Financial Statement Analysis


      COMU 410 Organizational Communication


      FINU 305 Business Finance


      MGTU 301 Principles of Management


      MGTU 310 Legal Environment of Business


      MGTU 400 Global Environment of Business


      MKTU 301 Principles of Marketing


      OLCU 425 Leadership in Diverse and Multicultural Organizations




      Undergraduate Electives


      BBA students have the opportunity to select an individualized set of electives from the following areas of study: Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Human Resources, Management, Organizations Communication, Organizational Leadership, Marketing, and Information Systems Management. Alternatively, students may specialize by focusing on one of the above areas of study as an emphasis area. See credit hour BBA in this catalog for a listing of emphasis areas.


      Additional Core


      Taken at graduate level upon admission to MBA during senior year.


      BUSU 630 Business Process Analysis and Innovation


      BUSU 650 Corporate Responsibility: Ethics and Sustainability




      BBA Capstone


      MGTU 410 Strategic Management


      All core courses must be satisfactorily completed prior to enrolling in the BBA capstone course with one exception; one core course may be taken concurrently with the capstone.


      Total Credits


    • Graduate Core (15 to 27 credits depending on waivers)


      FINU 607 Financial Management


      HRCU 600 Human Resource Foundations


      MKTU 605 Marketing Management


      OLCU 615 Leading Organizational Change


      OLCU 632 Leadership and Innovation


      OLCU 613 Seminar in Organizational Dynamics (Waivable)


      ACCU 602 Financial Reporting & Analysis (Waivable)


      BUSU 610 Data Analysis for Decision Making (Waivable)


      BUSU 620 Economic Analysis for Managers (Waivable)




      Graduate Electives (12 credits)


      MBA students may select an individualized set of electives from the graduate courses listed in the following areas: Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Public Administration, Health Administration, Human Resources, International Business, Organizational Leadership, Marketing, and Computer Science. Instead of individualized electives, MBA students may specialize in one of the above areas of study as an emphasis area.


      MBA Capstone


      BUSU 640 Business Strategy and Competitive Advantage Capstone


      All MBA core courses must be completed prior to enrolling in the MBA capstone course (one core course may be taken concurrently)


      Total Credits


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