Academic Fresh Start

Academic Fresh Start is provided for undergraduate students who believe that their historical academic performance is not reflective of their current demonstrated ability to be successful. Undergraduate students applying for admission to Brandman University through Academic Fresh Start may elect to have all academic and military coursework, completed at any institution of higher education 10 or more years prior to the time of application, ignored for admission purposes. Once admitted under academic fresh start, the student may not receive course credit for any courses taken 10 or more years prior to admission to Brandman University. Ignored coursework cannot be used to satisfy prerequisite or degree requirements at Brandman University. Students seeking post baccalaureate admissions are not eligible for Academic Fresh Start.

Students applying for Academic Fresh Start must submit official transcripts from all colleges attended, including transcripts which include course work completed ten or more years ago. The Academic Fresh Start Acknowledgement Form must also be completed. Students choosing Academic Fresh Start must meet current admission requirements for course work taken within the past ten years. A minimum of 2.0 cumulative GPA in college-level coursework taken less than 10 years at time of application is required for formal admission into an undergraduate degree program.

Students admitted or readmitted under Academic Fresh Start may elect to use the provisions of this program only once at Brandman University and only at the point of admission or readmission to Brandman University. Academic Fresh Start status and policies are not petitionable and cannot be appealed. The decision is final and binding.

There may be implications for financial aid and veterans benefits for students admitted under Academic Fresh Start. Students should contact these offices for more information.