Approved College-Level Examination Program Exams
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Only designated institution score reports are accepted. Please review the policy regarding limitations of credit prior to taking any exam. This listing of exams does not guarantee acceptance of credit. Students are subject to the Regulations Governing Credit by Examination outlined in the catalog.

Credit is awarded for the ACE recommended minimum score or higher.


Exams by Category Brandman Equivalency Credits
Basic Subjects
College Composition (Essay Required) ENGU-103 3
Analyzing and Interpreting Lit ENGU-104 3
Precalculus (New Exam 2007) MATU-104 3
Calculus MATU-104 3
Humanities - Literature
American Literature ENGU-1000L 3
English Literature ENGU-1000L 3
Humanities - Language
French Language (Min Score = 50) FRNU-101 only 3
French Language (Min Score = 59) FRNU-101, FRNU-102 3,3
German Language (Min Score = 50) GERU-101 only 3
German Language (Min Score = 60) GERU-101, GERU-102 3,3
Spanish Language (Min Score = 50) SPNU-101 only 3
Spanish Language (Min Score = 50) SPNU-101, SPNU-102 3,3
Humanities - General
Humanities (general) HUMU-10000 3
Natural Science
Biology BIOU-103 3
Chemistry CHMU-10000 3
Natural Sciences (general) PSCU-10000 6
Social Science - General Exam
Social Sciences and History (general) HISU-10000, SSCU-10000 3,3
Social Science - Economics
Principles of Macroeconomics


Principles of Microeconomics


Social Science-History
U.S. History I HISU-101 3
U.S. History II HISU-103 3
Western Civilization I HISU-110 3
Western Civilization II HISU-112 3
Social Science - Political Science
American Government POSU-110 3
Social Science - Psychology
Intro to Psychology PSYU-101 3
Human Growth and Development


Intro to Educational Psychology PSYU-10000 3
Social Science - Sociology
Intro to Sociology SOCU-101 3
Business and OCLU/ORGU
Financial Accounting ACCU-201 3
Introductory Business Law MGTU-310 3
Principles of Management MGTU-301 3
Principles of Marketing MKTU-301 3
General Elective
Information Systems and Computer Applications CSCU-200 3
Not Approved Exams
College Algebra TRNU-00000 n/a
College Composition Modular TRNU-00000 n/a
College Math TRNU-00000 n/a
Freshman Composition TRNU-00000 n/a