Approved Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES) Exams

Please use Brandman University code - 8712

Only official score reports are accepted.  Brandman accepts ACE minimum requirements on selected DSST exams.  Any exam submitted for credit must meet the minimum score requirements regardless of student's catalog year and when the exam was taken. 

Credit will not be awarded when a student has previously been awarded credit for the equivalent course.  Credits earned may be counted towards fulfilling general education, major or elective requirements.

Exams by Category Brandman Equivalency Credits
Basic Subjects
Principles of Public Speaking COMU-101 3
Principles of Statistics MATU-203 3
Art of the Western World ARTU-10000 3
Ethics in America (optional essay not required) PHLU-30000 3
Intro to World Religions RELU-30000 3
Technical Writing (optional essay not required) ENGU-303 3
Natural Science
Astronomy ESCU-10000 3
Environment and Humanity ESCU-101 3
Principles of Physical Science I CHMU-10000, PHYU-10000 1.5, 1.5
Physical Geology ESCU-111 3
Social Science - History
The Civil War and Reconstruction HISU-30000 3
A History of the Vietnam War HISU-355 3
Intro to Modern Middle East HISU-10000 3
History of the Soviet Union HISU-30000 3
Western Europe since 1945 HISU-310 3
Social Science - Psychology
Fundamentals of Counseling PSYU-450 3
Lifespan Developmental Psychology PSYU-320 3
Social Science - SSCU
Intro to Law Enforcement CJCU-250 3
Criminal Justice CJCU-250 3
Social Science - SSCU
Human/Cultural Geography SSCU-10000 3
General Anthropology SSCU-10000 3
OLCU, ORGU, and related subjects
Business Law II ORGU-30000 3
Human Resource Management HRCU-445 3
Intro to Business BUSU-10 INT 3
Organizational Behavior OLCU-300 3
Principles of Finance FINU-305  3
Principles of Financial Accounting ACCU-201 3
Principles of Supervision OLCU-301 3
General Elective
Business Ethics & Society BUSU-30000 3
Business Math TRNU-10000 3
Substance Abuse TRNU-30000 3
Foundations of Education EDUU-10000 3
Health & Human Development ATPU-1000H 3
Introduction to Computing CSCU-200 3
Computing and Information Technology CSCU-200 3
Cybersecurity CSCU-270 3
Management Information Systems CSCU-30000 3
Money and Banking BUSU-30000 3
Personal Finance BUSU-10000 3
Not Approved Exams
Fundamentals of College Algebra MATU-099 n/a