Antelope Valley

Looking for colleges in Antelope Valley, CA? Brandman University offers the greatest number of courses that combine online and classroom instruction.  The weekly class meetings allow students to deepen their understanding and mastery of the subject material by asking questions of and interacting with our knowledgeable masters and doctoral level faculty members.  The online participation aspect of the classes offers more flexibility to our busy working students.  Join our community and pursue your higher education at a credible university in the Antelope Valley.

The Antelope Valley campus offers bachelors’ and masters' degrees in the fields of liberal arts and sciences, business, professional studies, and education. A doctoral degree and several credentials are also offered through the School of Education. All of Brandman’s on-campus programs are taught in a blended format that combines face-to-face instruction with online assignments and learning tools. Many programs and individual courses are also available in a fully online environment for added flexibility, while others require in-person collaboration. The doctoral degree in education that emphasizes organizational leadership has its own unique modality that allows the majority of course work to be completed online then augments learning with periodic immersion sessions and local cohort meetings.