Associate to Baccalaureate Cooperative
Associate to Baccalaureate Cooperative

Air University Associate To Baccalaureate Cooperative

The Air University Associate-To-Baccalaureate Cooperative (AU-ABC) Program is an initiative between Air University and civilian higher education institutions to offer fully online baccalaureate degree programs to every Air Force enlisted member, regardless of duty Location

About Brandman University

Started in 1958 to meet the needs of military personnel, Brandman University has brown into a separate, fully accredited university within the Chapman University System and is dedicated to serving our nation’s service members, their spouses, and veterans. Brandman offers degrees, certificates, teaching credentials and professional development programs through a convenient network of over 25 campuses in California, Washington and Online.

Approved Programs

Brandman University offers the following BA programs to the Air University applicants.



  • Active-duty Air Force, Air Force Reserve or Air National Guard
  • Degree requirements may be completed after you retire or separate from the Air Force (retired or veteran Airmen who have received a qualifying CCAF degree are also eligible)
  • You receive a binding degree completion contract to lock in the transfer credit and remaining degree requirements


About AU-ABC

The AU-ABC program creates partnerships between the Air Force and accredited “military friendly” civilian higher education schools to:

  • Give Airmen with an AAS degree from CCAF the opportunity to earn a career-related (AF-relevant) four-year degree by completing an additional 60 semester hours
  • Maximize the application of military career education and training
  • Provide online academic and support services for the enlisted member

To be a part of the AU-ABC program, education partners must:

  • Meet specific accreditation standards
  • Require no more than 60 semester hours after the AAS degree for a bachelor’s degree
  • Deliver instruction via distance learning
  • Maximize application of military credit
  • Relate degree programs to an Air Force specialty


Brandman University offers the following BA Programs to Airmen holding one of the following associate degrees from CCAF can apply to the corresponding approved program:

Brandman University Conferred CCAF Degree
Applied Studies Any CCAF degree
Sociology Aerospace Historian, Contracts Management, Criminal Justice, Education & Training Management, Public Affairs, Social Services
Legal Studies Aerospace Historian, Communications Appl. Tech, Contracts Management, Criminal Justice, Paralegal, Public Affairs
Criminal Justice Aerospace Historian and Criminal Justice


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Brandman University is accredited by, and a member of, the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).