Bangor NBK Campus

Higher Education in Silverdale

Conveniently located on Naval Base Kitsap (NBK) in Silverdale, Washington, Brandman’s Bangor campus offers degree programs for active military personnel, veterans and their families. Civilian students are also welcome to further their education. Brandman courses are taught through a blended format, combining online and on-campus instruction. Classes are held face-to-face for three hours, once a week per course. During the rest of the week, students go online to access course material, discuss topics with fellow students and work with their instructor. Most students are very busy and time is limited, so having the option to pursue a degree online is very appealing. 

Degrees and Courses

The Bangor NBK campus offers a wide selection of college classes that are available on campus or online (for those students who have a tight schedule). Some of the programs offered at the Bangor Campus include criminal justice, psychology, legal studies, organizational Leadership, and computing technology with an emphasis in business systems administration or information technology, just to name a few. Brandman University provides affordable tuition rates, challenging classes, and a modern day approach to higher education.  Deciding what courses to take can be quite confusing when you consider all the options and factors that go into the decision. How many classes should you take? What is your long term goal when it comes to getting a degree? Are you ready to enroll in school immediately? The list goes on and on.  The staff at Bangor can help you answer these questions so feel free to call us with any questions you may have.

Call (800) 746-0082 to find out more about the Bangor Campus in Silverdale Washington.

Programs We Offer