Top Apps For Productivity That Make Your Life Easier

Top Apps For Productivity That Make Your Life Easier

Innovation is a wonderful thing, especially when it involves creating technologies that make our lives more efficient. Although many times there is a learning curve with any new gadget, companies are focusing on creating a positive user experience for consumers which translates into ease of usability. Tablets have become a staple item in every home, modern day classroom, and office which is why we are sharing some of the top apps for productivity in the market today.

What does it mean to be productive? According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, the definition of the word is to do or achieve a lot, to work hard and produce a significant amount or result. 

To get the results you want out of each day, you need tools to help you tackle your to-do items as efficiently and productively as possible. Here are some great tools to turn you into a lean, well-oiled machine!

  • Google Drive:
    The best thing about Google Drive is that it takes the back-and-forth shuffling of files and revisions out of the equation. We have all been there, emailing documents to several people, revisions sent in multiple emails and other correspondence getting lost in the flood of communication. Google Drive houses all documents in one accessible location where everyone involved can go in and make changes into one document, and revisions and other activity are tracked. Its real-time editing and suggestion capabilities allows for increased collaboration.
  • Basecamp:
    Basecamp is a great tool for project management and efficient communication. It's a place to share files, discussions, collaborate on documents, assign tasks, and check due dates. All files are stored securely and can be accessed anytime, anywhere. To get the best idea of how it truly works, visit their website and check out how a company used Basecamp to build a flagship store.
  • CloudApp:
    CloudApp is the quickest way to share screenshots. Simply take a screenshot and get a link to share instantly. But this tool is for more than just screenshots. Users can share documents, code snippets, audio, video, bookmarks and more.
  • Trello:
    Trello is the Pinterest of productivity. It's a visual tool to create lists and stay organized. Users created boards and add to-do tasks (cards). Drag and drop cards between lists to show progress and add as many people as you need to each card. You'll see everything about your project just by glancing at your board, and it all updates in real-time. 

  • YouMail:
    YouMail handles all of your voicemails just like email. This tool transcribes your voicemail messages and sends them to you by email or text. Now you can read, organize, share, reply and save your voicemails forever.
  • Sanebox:
    Sanebox uses algorithms to determine the importance of each email in your inbox based on your past interactions. It moves unimportant messages out of the inbox into a new folder called SaneLater, and summarizes them in a digest. Now you can focus on what's important without missing anything!

These tools are not the only answers to being productive. Productivity comes from finding a good balance in life and taking care of yourself. Be sure to set aside time to disconnect and relax, eat healthy and fit fitness into your daily routine! Some of the best gadgets can help track your health and wellness, and come along with digital apps themselves. Find the perfect mix and apps for productivity that can help make your own life easier.

What tools do you use to stay productive professionally and personally?

Jina Smith

Jina Smith is earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology and social behavior from University of California, Irvine and has a diverse marketing background working in a wide range of industries.

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