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You wouldn’t have a story without the good vs evil, but beyond the entertainment factor, have you dug deep into the bad guys’ backstories and explored what makes them tick? While it may seem unconventional, we can learn a good deal about ourselves by looking at the ethical reasoning behind decisions made by some of pop-cultures reigning supervillains. Yes, villains have ethics! There is a psychological and a philosophical reason behind every decision a supervillain makes. Here’s a breakdown of a few of our top modern-day supervillains.Read more

For some people work is something they simply have to do, for others it may be their motivations to wake up in the morning. Wherever on the spectrum an employee resides, at some point during the natural cycles of life, both personally and professionally, there will be times when their fire may fade. Fight to bring back the blaze with these tips on how to beat burnout at work.Read more

The popularity of offering flextime programs to employees is skyrocketing among modern companies in efforts to encourage a healthy balance between work and life commitments. Although it seems like an ideal concept for many busy professionals who have to drop their kids off at daycare or school before work, a new study reveals that it may present the biggest morning work mistake for the career conscious.Read more

With all of the commitments that we have in our day-to-day schedules it is often easy to become stressed out. Of course no one likes to be hit with the anxiety and pressure that ensues, but what many people don’t realize is just how important stress management can be to living a long and healthy life.Read more

The concept of balancing work and life has often been described as a myth itself, when in fact it has the potential to be the truth that will set you free. Work life balance can exist and here are five myths and corrective truths to help you attain it.Read more

After the handshake snapshots and cheers have commenced the next few steps you take off the stage are filled with feelings of accomplishment and hope for the future. These are wonderful moments which you should take to heart as you venture to achieve your next set of goals, for traditional and nontraditional students alike this benchmarking process should also include financial planning. Consider some of these common money mistakes graduates make and how to avoid them as you move to the next life stage.Read more

Graduation season is one of the happiest times in our lives. It is a time to applaud hard work and celebrate the journey that has brought us to where we are today. Whether you are a seasoned professional looking for a change or you are starting fresh in a new position, you need to showcase your talents and accomplishments for potential employers to see.Read more

Now that the caps have flown and tassels have been hung beside the diploma with care, it’s time to enjoy the reward of achieving your dreams. Take that well deserved break and relax with a quick trip, or relive the triumph with a great adventure. We’ve put together a list of amazing destinations to visit after college to help you celebrate and explore the world.Read more

Every great accomplishment deserves a great celebration. Graduation season creates some of the most memorable moments for us, our friends, family and supporters, so get them all together this season to relish in the feeling of achievement. To help you throw a stellar party without the stress of doing so, here are a few planning tips for new grads.Read more

Many organizations that practice corporate wellness strategies encourage their employees to pursue certificate courses, workshops or seminars with the goal of fostering individual and overall success. This past week we’ve kicked off graduation season by highlighting the top career paths in a variety of fields including business, psychology and liberal arts, nursing and education.Read more

As a liberal arts and sciences degree, psychology is an interdisciplinary major that can open doors to a variety of career opportunities, which is why it is one of the most popular options at colleges worldwide. Most schools designate learning outcomes that foster critical thinking, methods of inquiry, research methodology, processes and the application of psychological principles to diverse areas of human behavior. All of these focal areas ensure BA psychology graduates have gained essential workforce skills that can be leveraged in organizations large and small.Read more