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You wouldn’t have a story without the good vs evil, but beyond the entertainment factor, have you dug deep into the bad guys’ backstories and explored what makes them tick? While it may seem unconventional, we can learn a good deal about ourselves by looking at the ethical reasoning behind decisions made by some of pop-cultures reigning supervillains. Yes, villains have ethics! There is a psychological and a philosophical reason behind every decision a supervillain makes. Here’s a breakdown of a few of our top modern-day supervillains.Read more

Throughout the month of April, the autism community is spreading awareness about this challenging yet inspiring health condition. They call it a “spectrum disorder,” which in many cases can be attributed to not only the severity of the disease, but also to the range of emotions that many go through when caring for an autistic person.Read more

Teachers, students and parents alike understand the value of receiving a quality educational opportunities. Now experts are finding a correlation between this basic human right and the betterment of our bodies. This month we're celebrating health and wellness in our community by highlighting five ways education benefits our welfare.Read more

Competency based education (CBE) is rising to the top headlines in both nontraditional and traditional higher education news. But what are the core benefits of this innovative new approach to learning? Here are 10 important facts about CBE and what it means for the future of academia.Read more

Learning is the natural instinct that fuels evolution. We often speak about how our complex societies and economic well being affect education without thinking of the past and what it took to get us where we are. Here we explore the greatest technological breakthroughs in educational innovation and celebrate the successes that took us this far into the future.Read more

With the 2014 Winter Olympics come and gone, and snow season in full force, it's the perfect time to hit the slopes and e-books. Find out 5 surprising things snowboard legend Shaun White and Online Education have in common.Read more

Many teachers actually use TED Talks to support the lessons they deploy to students. In fact the nonprofit network offers an entire section of their site dedicated to providing free tools for teachers to utilize in the classroom. The organization began in 1984 and represents the conversion of Technology, Entertainment and Design, and now incorporates endless topics on “ideas worth spreading.” This article pulls some of the best blockquotes on the education revolution stated by true visionaries in the field.Read more

What does innovation mean to you? Is it simply an overused buzzword or does it provide inspiration for advancement? As technology evolves at light speed, innovation impacts all aspects of the economy including how we learn. Here we explore five innovative higher education trends.Read more

For many states including California, the timeline for filing for financial aid is getting down to the wire. For those who are late to the party here are some financial aid tips and tricks to filing a FAFSA for the 2014-2015 year.Read more

Out of all of the seasons that we look forward to throughout the year, tax season is generally not one of them. All of the forms, calculations, and software needed for filing can get exhausting. But the best part about it is the opportunity to maximize your return, and student loans can play an important role in doing so. Depending on the type of loan, a student loan interest deduction may be available. Ask your tax professional and possibly a financial aid advisor at your institution to discover how you can take advantage of the opportunity.Read more

The final days of an undergraduate program often brings reflection and excitement of the future to come. Many start to seriously consider their options for the future and ask, “Do I try to find a job in my field or go directly to graduate school?” Depending on your professional field it may be necessary to pursue an advanced degree.Read more