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You wouldn’t have a story without the good vs evil, but beyond the entertainment factor, have you dug deep into the bad guys’ backstories and explored what makes them tick? While it may seem unconventional, we can learn a good deal about ourselves by looking at the ethical reasoning behind decisions made by some of pop-cultures reigning supervillains. Yes, villains have ethics! There is a psychological and a philosophical reason behind every decision a supervillain makes. Here’s a breakdown of a few of our top modern-day supervillains.Read more

Not all scholarships are created equal. Although there are many websites that help students navigate through the process, the search in itself may be overwhelming. It's important to remember when finding scholarships for college to never pay for an award opportunity or any services to help them find one. It may sound obvious but even if the fee is only a few dollars, the request itself indicates a high likelihood of being a scam since all credible options are intended to be free college scholarships. With that critical detail addressed we begin the scholarship search.Read more

Achieving a higher education degree requires significant investments of both time and money. It is easy for new students to become overwhelmed when researching their options for financial aid and other resources for success. There are numerous sources of information available to help guide students through the process. Brandman University offers a virtual guide to help its students navigate through their financing options. It is important to be aware of specific deadlines for filing for aid based on federal and individual university schedules. Explore the top 5 questions that students ask when beginning their road to graduation.Read more

It is no surprise that the landscape of higher education has transformed dramatically in recent years. With the advancement of technology, the explosion of massive open online courses and internet-based learning, the line between traditional and nontraditional schools has been steadily blurring. As a result of these and other influencers there are five top stories to watch for in 2014.Read more