Bremerton Campus

Higher Education in Bremerton

Brandman’s campus is centrally located in Bremerton, Washington on a 33-acre site a short distance from Seattle. The school provides the best of both worlds, with its campus location offering blended and online university classes for students that are very busy and need flexible schedules.  Both options offer affordable and efficient ways for students to take college courses.  Brandman University offers an accelerated academic calendar, with six 8-week sessions, allowing the completion of additional credits per year than many traditional schools. Brandman offers financial aid for those who qualify and professional coaching to ensure students thrive academically. The Bremerton campus office is located on-site at Olympic College. Many students can successfully transfer their Associate degrees into one of our four-year programs.

Degrees and Courses

The Bremerton location offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in a variety of fields including psychology. Contact Brandman today to learn more about its affordable tuition rates, comprehensive student services, and diverse major programs.

Prospective Students should call (800) 746-0082 to find out more about the Campus in Bremerton, Washington.

Programs We Offer