Culture of Support

Culture of Support

Dedicated Resources

From your initial application to graduation, Brandman’s staff is focused on student success. Each service group is dedicated to assisting students at different stages of their academic career. Services include resources for students with disabilities. How can we help you?

Enrollment Coaches

When you are considering one of Brandman’s programs, an enrollment coach is the place to start. Even if you’re not quite ready to fill out the application, the enrollment coach will answer your questions and address concerns. They will assist with the application process and required documents as well. They are available weekdays, during working hours at (800) 746-0082.

Academic Advisors

After you receive that all-important acceptance letter, you will be assigned an academic advisor who will stay with you through your degree program. You will start by developing a personalized education plan that fits your career goals. From there, he/she will be there to guide and mentor you along the way and help you stay on track for graduation.

  • Academic advisors are available at your local campus and fully online students can call or attend virtual meetings.
  • Your advisor is an excellent resource as your navigate through the requirements for your chosen degree program.
One Stop Specialists

Every campus has at least one of these specialists that help you put together a plan to pay for your education. They are there to help with everything from your student account, tuition and fees, ordering textbooks, filling out financial aid forms and keeping you up-to-date on your financial aid status. Similar to academic advisors, you can contact your specialist by visiting your local campus or by connecting by phone or virtual meetings for fully online students.

  • Review the financial aid information on our website and familiarize yourself with the available options.
  • Gather all the appropriate documents you’ll need in order to complete financial aid documents such as copies of recent tax returns, proof of citizenship and a photo I.D.
Academic Support for Student Success

Students needing assistance with all the online tools used at Brandman or struggling with writing and math – there is tutoring and tech support available. We are all about student success – we provide the assistance that students need to gain confidence and finish what they started.

Career Services

As you work on your educational goals, Brandman wants to help you achieve your career goals. Free resources and services are provided to help you determine the career that you’re best suited for and how to make it a reality.

  • Students are encouraged to take advantage of the mentoring opportunities available with instructors in their career industry.
  • With Brandman’s CareerLink you can build a professional digital portfolio, browse our student directory, and search for jobs submitted by Brandman employer partners.