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Innovative Scholar-Practitioner Faculty

Brandman University faculty members are scholar-practitioners, with the majority holding earned doctoral degrees and professional experience in their fields. In the spirit of flexibility that busy students need, instructors are committed to continuous improvement while they maintain currency in their disciplines through various professional development opportunities. This combination of expert perspectives ensures that students receive real-world teachings that they can apply directly to their careers.

Brandman faculty members are innovative. They value new ideas and rigorously promote them. All members practice the school’s iDEAL (Instruction Design for Engaged Adult Learning) model of teaching which incorporates best practices and adult learning theories that focus on engaged learning. In addition to instructing, faculty members serve as mentors by providing career guidance to students seeking to advance their careers or change to new occupations. The faculty as a whole is the true strength of Brandman University. Through the creation of a culture that models best practices, Brandman faculty members assess their learners and their own instructional techniques to continuously improve educational experiences.

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