BA, Psychology, Gerontology

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology with a Gerontology concentration

Gerontology is the study of the aging process from multiple perspectives, including biology, health, economics, sociology and psychology. Practitioners of geropsychology collaborate with a variety of professionals, including psychologists, medical and other mental health care services providers.  This concentration prepares students to work with an aging population and is suited for individuals seeking career opportunities in the fields of:

BA, Legal Studies, Business Law

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Legal Studies with a Business Law concentration

Brandman’s Legal Studies program allows you explore many facets of the legal system and the careers that support it. This skills-based degree is suited for students seeking a wide variety of business law-related careers including those in regulatory compliance, paralegal, and intellectual property. Our hands-on program also provides a strong foundation for those intending to go to law school.

BA, Communications and Media

Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Media

Brandman University’s communications and media degree is an innovative and interdisciplinary program that prepares students for successful careers in a variety of industries. Its curriculum was developed in collaboration with faculty members, practicing industry professionals and esteemed intellectuals in the media field. 

BA, Legal Studies, Paralegal Profession

Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies, Paralegal Profession

Brandman University’s legal studies degree is designed to empower students to be dynamic and ethical problem-solvers who effectively apply critical thinking, analytical and research skills in legal contexts. Core curriculum covers the foundations of law, constitutional governance, and explores criminal justice concepts as they relate to white collar crime.