MBA, Business Administration

Master of Business Administration

A successful career in today’s global business environment requires an advanced understanding of the complex factors that go into managing successful organizations and their networks. Navigate through the ever-evolving marketplace by gaining valuable skills and abilities that can be applied to a variety of professions and industries. Attaining your master’s in business administration can help open the doors to future jobs.

MPA, Public Administration

Master of Public Administration

The world of public service requires dedicated and well-prepared individuals who understand what it takes to move initiatives forward. A Master of Public Administration degree provides you with important tools to make a difference in the world by solving problems and helping others. A strong education in the field offers many career opportunities including serving on staff of an elected official, leading a nonprofit organization, working in local or state government, court administration and city management.

MPA, Organizational Leadership

Master of Public Administration, Organizational Leadership

This program prepares students for the world of public service, particularly in local and state public agencies and nonprofit organizations. The Master of Public Administration with an emphasis in Organizational Leadership focuses on the frontiers, dynamics and foundations public leadership, especially in the nonprofit business environment. It combines theoretical and practical perspectives with rigorous commitment to academic excellence.