MBA in Accounting

This degree program prepares students for careers in the field of business accounting. Beyond business management and leadership, the curriculum covers a full spectrum of core business competencies, including financial reporting, data analysis for decision-making, business process, human resources and marketing management. 

MA, Educational Leadership and Administration with Preliminary Administrative Services Credential

Master of Arts in Educational Leadership and Administration, with Preliminary Administrative Services Credential

School administrators are vital to the success of our educational systems and the communities they serve. As the demand for qualified educational professionals continues to grow, job diversity within the field offers new opportunities for development. Many educators desire to become elementary, middle, and high school principals who are responsible for managing daily school activities, coordinate curricula, and oversee staff.

Ed.S., School Psychology and MA, Educational Psychology with Pupil Personnel Services Credential, School Psychology

Ed.S., School Psychology and Master of Arts in Educational Psychology with the Pupil Personnel Services Credential in School Psychology

This degree prepares students to serve as a school psychologist and provide consultation services to parents and school staff, crisis management services to schools, and collaborate with institution-linked health services.