EAP Agreement Form

Early Advantage Agreement

As an applicant to the Brandman University’s Early Advantage Program, I am certifying by my signature below that I understand and agree to the terms, conditions, and requirements of this program for the applicant, Early Advantage College (hereafter referred to as the "Early Advantage college") which I am currently attending and Brandman University (hereafter referred to as "BU").

  1. As an applicant and subsequent admit to the Early Advantage Program, I understand that I may only select as my major a BU baccalaureate level academic program which is part of the official Transfer Guides between BU and the Early Advantage College in effect for the catalog year to which I am applying.
  2. If admitted to BU I will be held to the degree requirements of the catalog in effect at the time of my admission, so long as I maintain enrollment and satisfactory progress as specified below. I also understand that I may elect to move to a later catalog and the degree requirements contained therein if I so choose.
  3. Once admitted to BU I understand that to maintain my eligibility for the Early Advantage Program I must achieve a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.00 at the Early Advantage College, as well as be in good standing related to all student and academic conduct requirements in place at Early Advantage College.
  4. Once admitted to the Early Advantage Program BU shall provide me the following:
    1. Access to Brandman’s portal for students to review and maintain their educational records/academic progress, including:
      a. Summary of all transfer work that has been evaluated and determined as transferable to BU
      b. Academic transcript reflecting all work which has been evaluated as well as grade point average
    2. Course offerings at the Early Advantage College that are applicable to my academic program as designated in the official transfer guide between BU and the Early Advantage College and related to that academic program for the specific catalog year. I understand that if I take coursework not included in the transfer guide it may not be applicable towards my Brandman degree unless officially approved by both my BU academic advisor and Brandman University.
    3. Regular meetings with a BU Academic Advisor while I am in attendance at the Early Advantage College.
  5. I understand that in order for BU to be apprised of my satisfactory progress at the Early Advantage College, official reports of my educational records may be forwarded to Brandman University from the Early Advantage College on a regular basis. By my signature below I am aware of this requirement and do approve the release of any pertinent educational records to Brandman University by the Early Advantage College, in accordance with all federal guidelines and regulations related to student educational records privacy (FERPA).
  6. As an Early Advantage admit, I am eligible to transfer to BU anytime up to one year after my last term of attendance at the Early Advantage College and up to a maximum of four years after my initial early admit status at BU.
  7. I understand that I must submit an "Early Advantage Transfer Request" form to both BU and the Early Advantage College at the time I wish to transfer to BU. I understand that the tuition rate that will apply is the one that is in effect at the time of matriculation.