Business and Executive Coaching

As part of our workforce development services, the School of Extended Education offers business coaching in 30 or 60 minute increments for both individuals and teams. Options include:

  1. Coaching for employee development
    Current data validates that coaching has a significant impact on employee retention and engagement, team effectiveness and organizational productivity. Brandman University employs qualified and experienced business coaches, many of them certified through ICF, to coach individual employees. Clients have utilized our coaching services for onboarding new employees, as part of executive development programs, and for newly promoted leaders.
  2. Coaching for learning reinforcement
    Research shows that training alone increases productivity on average from 10-22%. With coaching reinforcement, productivity increases to 80-90%. Brandman recommends that participants in corporate training programs receive at least one individual half-hour coaching session to improve learning retention and reinforce desired program outcomes.
  3. Coaching for performance
    Coaching is an important tool for optimizing feedback from individual assessments or performance appraisals. The coach can objectively clarify and discuss the results of the report and help the client accept the feedback. The coach can also work with the employee to determine the best course of action so individual development results in performance that aligns with accepted values and meets desired goals.