Certificate in Instructional Design

The fully online Instructional Design Certificate program is designed to meet the increasing challenges for training within academic, corporate, non-profit, and healthcare organizations.

This certificate program provides participants with the opportunity to design and produce learning activities and interactive multimedia materials, and to make effective use of instructional technology in training and curriculum development.

Participants seeking the certificate take a total of four courses (12 graduate-level professional development credits), with an optional fifth course. These courses must be taken sequentially. Courses are also available as stand-alone.

Participants in this program will explore the theoretical, philosophical, cultural, technological, ethical, and political complexities surrounding learning and assessment. Participants will come away with the conceptual foundations and skills necessary to design more valid, reliable and appropriate ways of integrating learning goals and learning targets into a variety of quality design and evaluation methods.

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Introduction to Instructional Design - XLSU 9023
This class covers the essence of what it means to be an instructional designer. It describes the nature of the work, the core learning theories behind the work, industry best practices for doing the work, and begins to teach participants how they can become employed as instructional designers.

45 clock hours/ 3 PDUs/4.5 CEUs

Instructional Design in Corporate Environments - XLSU 9024
While there are many venues in which instructional design can be practiced, the vast majority of jobs in this field involve working with or for corporate employers. To be successful, it is necessary to understand the culture of the company, identify key project members (e.g. stakeholders and subject matter experts), gain knowledge of the project’s learning and business objectives, assimilate relevant technologies that will be used, and discover the attributes of the people who will receive the instruction. Using case studies, this class walks participants through simulations of all these processes.

45 clock hours/ 3 PDUs/4.5 CEUs

Instructional Design Technologies - XLSU 9025
Instructional design makes heavy use of multiple software technologies for the design, development, and delivery of content. In this class, participants will be introduced a wide range of applications they will likely need to work in this field. Included are sections on programs for storyboarding the learning, creating interactive content, and working with common learning management systems that typically serve as the online interface between participants and the instruction being delivered.

45 clock hours/ 3 PDUs/4.5 CEUs

Instructional Design Technologies: Articulate & Captivate - XLSU 9026
In this course, users will learn about the two dominate software products used by instructional design professionals and the organizations that employ them – Articulate and Adobe Captivate. Participants will be guided through the process of learning to use each of these applications by reading selected texts, watching online video tutorials, and working with free trial versions of the software that they download and install on their own systems. At the beginning of this class each participant will either select or create a case study that will dictate the nature of the content they produce.

45 clock hours/ 3 PDUs/4.5 CEUs

Instructional Design Curriculum Development from End to End - XLSU 9027
Prerequisites: XLSU 9023, XLSU 9024, & either XLSU 9025 or XLSU 9026, or permission from instructor based on digital portfolio.

In this class, participants will be given an opportunity to apply all the instructional design knowledge and skills they have acquired to create a complete learning solution from end to end. The class instructor will serve as the project manager and each participant will be responsible for finding his or her own subject matter expert (SME) to work with. The deliverable at the end of this course can either be a portfolio-quality instructional design sample participants can use to secure work in the field or a completed learning project that will be used in a real-world setting.

45 clock hours/ 3 PDUs/4.5 CEUs


  • Fully Online
  • Self-paced


  • Sharon Link


  • $400 per course