Cisco CCNA Level II

CSCU 0024: Cisco CCNA Level II

The CCNA Certification Level 2 (CSCU 0024) Class teaches students the knowledge and skills required to successfully install, operate, and troubleshoot a small to medium size enterprise branch network. In addition, students will receive expert lecture and practical hands-on exposure to various topics on VLSM and IPv6 addressing, extending switched networks with VLANs, configuring, verifying and troubleshooting VLANs, the VTP, RSTP, OSPF and EIGRP protocols, determining IP routes, managing IP traffic with access lists, NAT and DHCP, establishing point-to-point connections, and establishing Frame Relay connections.

The course is designed for existing and aspiring network professionals (PC technicians/ systems administrators / network administrators / systems engineers). Those holding the following certifications are most likely ready to take this course: A+, Network +, MCP Certifications or equivalent knowledge. This course is 20 hours and equivalent to 2 CEUs.

Course Objectives
All CCNA® exam objectives are covered during class; these include but are not limited to the following:

  • Understanding Cisco IOS® (Internetworking Operating System) commands for configuring and managing Cisco® networking devices
  • Understanding Cisco® configuration techniques (backing up and restoring configuration files from remote locations)
  • Understanding routing protocols (such as RIP & IGRP) and how they function as well as configuration and management of such protocols
  • IP addressing, subnetting, and assignment
  • Interface and subinterface configuration
  • WAN topics such as Frame Relay, PPP, HDLC and DDR
  • Connectivity to a WAN switch for Frame Relay
  • VLANs
  • LAN segmentation (bridges, switches and routers)
  • Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)
  • Access lists and filtering

CSCU 0024: Cisco CCNA Level II

  • Tuition: $2750 (CAEL agreed tuition with ten percent discount=$2475)
  • Other Fees: No Cost
  • Books, Meals, Travel, Materials, Software, Equipment: No Cost
  • The tuition only covers administrative costs and nothing else is provided to the student.