FCC High Frequency License

TECU-0009: FCC High Frequency License

This course is dedicated to the preparation for the new, highly important federal license for telecommunications employees. Class participants are prepared to take the U.S Federal Communications Commission (FCC) examination. The examination is a 100-­‐question instrument consisting of Element 1 (Federal Law) 24 questions, and Element 3 (Communications Technology) 76 questions. This course is 16 hours and equivalent to 1.6 CEUs.


Learning Objectives: Goals for student learning

  • U.S. Federal Law
  • Telecommunications Operation Procedures (Cable Signal Basics)
  • Radio Wave Propagation
  • Signaling Practices for Data/Telecommunications (includes fiber)
  • Electrical Principles Applicable to Data/Telecommunications
  • Telecommunications Equipment Circuit Components (includes NEC)
  • Practical Data/Telecommunications Circuit Testing
  • Signals and Emissions (EMC Principles)
  • Antennas and Feed Lines

TECU-0009: FCC High Frequency License

  • Tuition: $2,200 (CAEL agreed tuition with ten percent discount is $1,980)
  • Other Fees: No Cost
  • Books, Meals, Travel, Materials, Software, Equipment: No Cost
  • The tuition only covers administrative costs and nothing else is provided to the student.