Team Development and GO Team Training

The School of Extended Education has partnered with Senior Instructor Susan Gerke to offer a new modular system for team development. Divided into 18 short, highly engaging sessions, GO Team provides a focused approach to practical skill development for intact teams.

  • Level 1: Setup for Success
    Getting Grounded in Team Basics; Creating Team Operating Guidelines; Establishing Team Purpose and Goals; Clarifying Team Roles; Building on Style Differences; Assessing the Team
  • Level 2: Go Team!
    Enhancing Team Communication; Running Effective Team Meetings; Making Team Decisions; Avoiding Groupthink; Resolving Team Conflict; Solving Team Issues
  • Level 3: See You at the Top
    Building Team Trust; Giving and Receiving Feedback; Sharing Leadership; Sparking Team Creativity; Managing Change; Leveraging Team Learning

Team building sessions are customized and delivered onsite with modules selected to address specific corporate situations or development issues. Currently, this program is only available as a corporate training option. Groups of 15 or more employees receive a 15% discount off of standard tuition.