Verification Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Verification?

Verification is a federally required process to confirm the accuracy of information you provided on the FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

Verification selection can be random or because your FAFSA data was incomplete, estimated or inconsistent. The U.S. Department of Education selects some students for the verification process, we will select others if we find conflicting information.

If you have completed the FAFSA and you have received a Student Aid Report that indicates you have been selected for verification, you must complete a Verification Worksheet and attached a copy of your federal tax transcript.

  • If you were not required to file a tax return, copies of your W-2 forms are required. 
  • If you are a dependent student, we will also request a copy of your parent's federal tax transcript. 
  • We may also request documentation from you regarding: high school completion, identity and educational purpose, child support paid or received and other untaxed income or benefits.

Once you fill out the appropriate verification worksheet, print it out, complete all sections, sign it and mail your paperwork to:

Brandman University
Financial Aid Office, Third Floor
16355 Laguna Canyon Road
Irvine, CA 92618
or  Fax to 866-659-1147

Check Your Verification Status

To view your financial aid status, as well as the forms required to complete verification at Brandman, login to Self-Service.

  1. Log in to Self-Service (link:
  2. Select the Financial Aid tab
  3. Click on the box title, “Financial Aid Portal”
  4. Scroll down to view the status of required documents

Required Documents

To document your tax return information, you may:

• Use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool to transfer tax data to your FAFSA (Recommended) , OR
• Request an IRS Tax Transcript

IRS Data Retrieval Tool

If you did not use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool when you filed your FAFSA, you may still do so. We highly recommend this option for providing your tax information.

1. Login at to "Make FAFSA Corrections"
2. On the FAFSA, in the Financial Information section, click "Link to IRS'"
3. On the IRS website, fill out the form and click on "Transfer my tax information into the FAFSA"
4. Request an IRS Tax Transcript (a copy of the 1040 form is not acceptable)

IRS Tax Transcript
If you are selected for verification and are unable to use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool, you must submit an official IRS TAX RETURN TRANSCRIPT, (not an Account Transcript.) There are 3 ways to do this:

  • Request one electronically on the IRS website at
  • In the Tools section of the homepage click "Order a Return or Account Transcript" Under Choice 3, click "Order a Transcript"
  • Or you may call the IRS at 1-800-908-9946 and follow the prompts to request a Tax Transcript
    Or you may file Form 4506T-EZ

If you filed an Amended Return:
• Submit the original IRS Tax Transcript, a signed copy of the IRS 1040X form, AND a signed copy of the original tax return that was filed with the IRS.

REMEMBER: Include your Brandman ID number on your tax transcript before you submit it to the Financial Aid Office.

The Verification Deadline

The verification review process can range from 2 - 6 weeks. Additional information may be required based on the documentation that you submit. Send copies of any requested documentation within 30 days. 

• Federal Pell Grant Recipients: The deadline for completing verification is 120 days from your last date of enrollment or the end of the academic year (whichever comes first).  This includes making any necessary corrections to the FAFSA, submitting those corrections to the federal processor, and receiving confirmation in return.

• Federal Loan Applicants: Brandman University requires verification to occur before determining eligibility for loans. A federal loan application cannot be originated for a period of enrollment that has already passed if you are no longer enrolled or enrolled less than half time. As a result, if you do not complete verification within sufficient time to allow for processing, awarding and completion of loan applications prior to ceasing half-time attendance, you will be ineligible to receive loans. Failure to submit all requested documentation will result in the forfeiture of your financial aid eligibility.

How to Avoid Verification Processing Delays

We strongly recommend that you submit all documents within 14 days of receipt of the verification notice. Make sure all documents are completely filled out and signed. Incomplete documents will result in processing delays. 

Submit all documents at the same time to:

The Financial Aid Student Portal where you can directly upload all documents requested. You may also us the following methods to submit documents.

Fax: (866) 659-1147

OR mail to:

Brandman University
Financial Aid Office, Third Floor
16355 Laguna Canyon Road
Irvine, CA 92618

• Remember to make copies for your records. 
• Print your name and Brandman ID number on each page of the documents that you submit.

After Verification is Complete

• If we find differences between the data reported on your FAFSA and the information that you submitted to us, we are required to make corrections to your FAFSA. You can monitor your FAFSA verification status on Self Service.

• If the data reported on your FAFSA is accurate, the Financial Aid Office can determine your eligibility for financial aid. We will notify you to check your financial aid eligibility on Self Service.

Expect Financial Aid Emails

We will send an email request to your Brandman email account to review your document requests online. All document requests must be completed before any financial aid can be awarded.

Check your Brandman email regularly for important correspondence.