When looking for colleges in Hanford, CA, Brandman is an excellent choice. Brandman University is located in Hanford and offers bachelors’, masters’, and doctoral degrees.  Many of the degrees at the university use a combination of in-class and online teaching formats.  A class is usually attended on campus once a week, and then online course work is completed throughout the rest of the week.  This system offers the benefits of a traditional classroom while remaining more flexible and sensitive to the other life responsibilities of our students.

The Hanford campus has bachelors’, masters’, and doctoral level degrees in the academic fields of arts and sciences, business and professional studies, and education.  When looking for a Hanford university, look through our list of degrees to see if there is a good fit for you.  Be sure to note the indicated teaching format of the degree.  Brandman degrees are available in a blended classroom format.