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The Modern Day Classroom: The Landscape of Today’s Education

The Modern Day Classroom: The Landscape of Today’s Education by Brandman University is a new eBook that explores the changing landscape of degree programs in America. If you are one of the millions of Americans pursuing or considering a degree program, the Modern Day Classroom eBook will inspire you to dig a little deeper and explore all of your options.

Modern Day Classroom e-book

Thanks to the evolving modern classroom and Brandman University:

  • Adults don’t have to choose between college, a career, or a family
  • College debt doesn’t have to be staggering, and attending traditional classes isn’t required to earn a degree.

Download Modern Day Classroom eBook today and discover how to:

  • Receive the credibility and in-person learning opportunities of a traditional classroom
  • Benefit from the flexibility of an online degree program
  • Learn how you can earn your degree and advance your career without putting your life on hold

Thanks to new technologies like those provided by Brandman University, you can be one of the millions of adults who are taking the plunge and pursuing their degree through nontraditional means.


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