Veteran's Connection & Support Center

Veterans Connection Support Center

Brandman University is dedicated to the well-being of all students. The Veterans Connection and Support Center offers counseling and academic assistance to registered student veterans with accessibility needs.

Mission Statement

Connect our student veterans with military-related injuries to individualized support services that facilitate the achievement of their life goals.

Vision Statement

We will demonstrate the highest commitment to serving those who have faithfully defended our nation by providing a distinguished support network to promote academic and personal success.

Services and Resources

Individualized Support Services
  • Counseling support
  • Peer mentoring
  • Career exploration
  • Financial benefit awareness and planning
  • Faculty mentoring
  • Corporate mentoring
Skill Development
  • Translating military experience into civilian life
  • Memory and concentration
  • Organization
  • Self-advocacy
  • Study and time management
  • Stress management
Accessibility Services
  • Adaptive equipment
  • Assistive technology
  • Mobile apps

In collaboration with other universities and support organizations, we provide monthly webinars on military topics and veteran-centric issues. Topics including:

  • Academic life
  • The dynamics of family relationships
  • Mental health resources
  • Transitioning from the military
Additional Resources for Veterans with Disabilities:
Additional Counseling Resources:

Disability and Counseling Services

Individualized technology, mobility and mental health resources are available for qualified students through The Office of Accessible Education and Counseling Services.


Veteran students who are interested in exploring the services of the Veteran Connection and Support Center (VCSC) should contact the center directly at: 855-283-3473 or

Students requesting accommodations and support are required to provide Veterans Affairs (VA) documents and/or other professional documentation to verify eligibility.

Wall of Heroes:

Brandman University recognizes the sacrifices our veterans and their families make. The Wall of Heroes honors the successes and struggles of our student veterans.

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