Monterey is one of the oldest cities in California and had the first publicly funded school in the state.  Many colleges in Monterey, CA, due to their proximity to the bay, were developed around marine sciences programs. Today, colleges in Monterey include the prestigious Brandman University that offers a wide variety of courses and fields of study.  For example, the Brandman University Monterey campus offers degree programs in the fields of arts and sciences, business and professional studies, and education. 

Brandman University takes a unique approach to teaching that combines all the best of online and in-person classes.  Students meet once a week on campus, per course, to receive in-person instruction in a traditional classroom setting.  The remainder of course work and instruction is given online.  Students are given the benefit of on-campus interactions with our experienced professors, but do not need to find the flexibility in their work schedules to be at school three or more times a week.  More students are being given the opportunity to pursue their dream of higher education and make it a reality.  Most Brandman University students are employed at least part-time as they take their courses.