Monterey Campus

Higher Education in Monterey

The Brandman campus in Monterey, CA offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in various fields of study. The school offers flexible programs taught by experienced faculty, many of whom are experts in their fields. Courses are available in a blended format that combines both online and on-campus instruction, designed to meet the demands of the busy working professional. The accredited Brandman University provides quality education that keeps up with industry trends and technological advancements. Brandman University takes a unique approach to teaching that combines all the best of online and in-person college classes.  Students are given the benefit of on-campus interactions with our experienced professors, but do not need to find the flexibility in their work schedules to be at school three or more times a week.  More students are being given the opportunity to pursue their dream of higher education and make it a reality. 

Courses and Degrees

The Monterey campus offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in the fields of art & sciences (criminal justice, psychology), business & professional studies (entrepreneurship, accounting, marketing), and education (early childhood, educational leadership). Brandman University is here to help you achieve your goals with comprehensive student support services and affordable tuition rates. Contact us today to learn more about our classes, and to see which major is right for you.

Salinas Satellite Location

Complete your Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education at the Salinas satellite campus location. This cohort-based program allows individuals to prepare for careers in early care and education. Focus on building the knowledge, skills and dispositions that early childhood educators need to provide high quality, inclusive early care and education for children ages birth to eight in a variety of settings. 

Call (800) 746-0082 to find out more about the Campus in Monterey California or how you can join a cohort in Salinas.

Programs We Offer