Move Up™

Brandman University. Move Up™.

There is a deep-seated human need to achieve more. To rise higher. It is rooted in our very being, the desire to achieve a greater sense of accomplishment, self-esteem and happiness.

At Brandman, we’ve created a university for busy people who want to realize their full potential. People with jobs. People with kids. People with responsibilities. It’s a place where you can balance the challenges of your everyday life while achieving your educational goals, using the most advanced teaching tools to help you attain your professional aspirations … and Move Up™.


Video transcript


VO:  Every year, U.S. News and World Report scours the nation to determine the best universities.

VO:  They look at a variety of things like graduation rates, student services and faculty credentials.

VO:  After looking at hundreds of universities with online programs, one notable university was awarded nine separate honors over the last four years.

VO:  That university is Brandman.

VO:  Brandman University.

VO:  Move up.

VO:  Learn more at