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Do you want to earn your bachelor’s degree completely online, completely on your own time?

Brandman MyPath offers self-paced online degree programs. That means you can work on your bachelor’s at your convenience.

Choose from one of Brandman MyPath’s six program offerings:

Bachelor of Business Administration

  • General Business
  • Information Systems Management
  • Marketing
  • Management and Organizational Leadership
  • Supply Chain Management and Logistics

Bachelor of Science

  • Information Technology
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Innovative, Self-paced, Online Education

“I can do the MyPath program anywhere, anytime, on my time.”

-Lindsay Brown
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Brandman MyPath Benefits

Brandman MyPath is a revolutionary new degree program completed entirely at your own pace. Digital textbooks included.

The benefits are clear:


Brandman MyPath Degrees

Bachelors Degrees

Brandman MyPath offers a Bachelors in Business Administration and Science from Brandman University. Choose one of five areas of emphasis for your degree.

BBA, General Business

The MyPath Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with an emphasis in general business combines crucial career-building information ranging from quantitative reasoning to social systems to give students a broad-based education that is valuable in multiple fields.

BBA, Information Systems Management

A Bachelor of Business Administration with an emphasis in Information System Management prepares students to create technological efficiencies that propel their businesses in the digital age.

BBA, Management and Organizational Leadership

A Bachelor of Business Administration with an emphasis in Management and Organizational Leadership prepares students to implement and manage change, foster employees’ professional development, apply conflict resolution tactics, and utilize project management applications

BBA, Marketing

A Bachelor of Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing prepares students to elevate their companies by delivering quality, innovative and targeted brand messaging to consumers and stakeholders.

BBA, Supply Chain Management and Logistics

A Bachelor of Business Administration with an emphasis in Supply Chain Management & Logistics prepares students to apply project and relationship management techniques to foster strong connections with suppliers to ensure transportation services are both sustainable and reliable.

BS, Information Technology

In today’s globally-networked world, information technology professionals are critical to ensuring business systems and security measures are performing at the highest caliber. Graduates will be able to lead organizations by facilitating advanced data analysis and server management for optimal productivity. Competencies include: Mobile development fundamentals, fundamentals of software development, cloud computing, and more.

Earn a degree and digital badges

Applied Learning Badge

Brandman University knows that badges are being recognized more and more by employers. That’s why digital badges are embedded into each of our MyPath degree programs.

About competency-based education

Brandman MyPath is a competency-based education (CBE) platform. This is a new way of online learning or Online 2.0! Our self-paced online program allows you to earn your degree without sacrificing your career. Learn more about competency-based education.

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