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How do students describe Brandman faculty? ‘Wonderful,’ ‘caring,’ ‘true leaders’

August 22, 2015

Brandman University faculty membersIf you ask people who their favorite Brandman University professors are and why, be prepared for enthusiastic answers. We asked the question on the Brandman University Facebook page and here (with a little editing to fill in complete names and punctuation) is what we learned:

Lisa Schramm Ecker Dr. Alan Enomoto! (Walnut Creek campus) He’s the epitome of a true leader and mentor. Everyone who knows him would agree!

Christina Sousa All of them! I have had nothing but amazing professors at my campus!

Dave Bothwell Catherine Pearlman…a true educator. Yes, she managed the course effectively, but more than that, she’s a teacher. Also, she’s responsive and gives meaningful feedback.

Veronica Phillips Ron Boren at the Modesto campus, hands down. He really helps his students reach success with real world learning applications that are sometimes hectic and crazy, but end up being relevant and useful. I’ve been fortunate though. The Modesto campus has a wonderful staff.

Mike Jackson Cynthia Borges-O’Dell, LMFT (licensed marriage and family therapist), is an amazing instructor at the Modesto campus. She is engages each student and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience into the classroom which far surpassed the syllabus. She is committed to the success of each student and was supportive throughout the entire program.

Diana Campodonico Professor David Labat, the most compassionate, and exciting professor I have ever met … I’ll never forget him

David Villanueva Dr. Jalin A. B. Johnson at the Ontario, California, campus. She was amazing! Thanks for always being so helpful, attentive and teaching me a lot about life and business. Most of all, keeping it fun.

Jamie Kincaid Brandman goes to great lengths to make sure we have excellent professors. I have been a Brandman student for my bachelor’s and master’s degrees because of the dedicated educators. Dr. Mike and Margaret Moodian, Evelina Atanassova, Dr. Humphreys, both of the Boggs (Elise and William), Dr. Helen Eckmann, Valery Frangelica-Best, Jack Abbott. I can’t even begin to explain how wonderful the Irvine campus faculty has been. I have only not liked one professor and that was a general consensus of the entire class. But, Brandman did something about it. They take such pride and actually listen to students. I couldn’t be happier with my experience here.

Jennifer Slater-Sanchez Dr. Bill Hale – Antelope Valley campus!

Kim Yvette Tabor Dr. Christine A Watson best psychology teacher ever. Then Dr. Charles Parker, both San Diego campus.

Danisha Jeter Tyke Hanisch.

Sara Barron Julianne Zvalo- Martyn. Because she interacts with the class on a weekly basis through virtual office, she is encouraging to the students and has been the only professor that I have had that has gone above and beyond replying to posts, journals and assignments. She has been willing to take time out of her busy schedule to help me start a student group! I felt as if I wanted to be challenged more and was longing for a professional group that I had at my junior college. She helped me realize that there is a need for a group for Early Childhood Development! We have met several evenings within the past 6 months hoping to get this group up and running. She is an inspiration to all students! Julianne still emails us when we don’t have a session with her to let us know about what is going on in our professional field! Now that is someone who is on top of things!

Jessika Nichols So far, I’ve had a few pretty great ones but two have been my favorites. Susan Elizabeth (Visalia campus) and Marshall Pipkin (Hanford campus). Susan was so knowledgeable in the field and had so many great pieces of information to share with us. She is definitely someone I would look to as a mentor as I further my career. And Marshall has had the most interesting course I have taken so far. It really made you think about things that you wouldn’t ordinarily question or think about and really helped me to understand the process behind getting an education and all of the pieces that go into it. Both great instructors!

Karina Rios Dr. Lisa Metcalf, Yuba City campus. Amazing educator. Great feedback, great discussion, gives unparalleled practical real world scenarios to match what you’re learning about to show you how to apply it. Love her!

Angel Pina Hardin Dr. Charles Parker (San Diego). He was my first inductor and even when I thought I was failing (it had been almost 20 years since I has been in a classroom) he gave me the guidance I needed and helped me realize I was smart enough to be there. Thank you, Dr. P!

Jessica Torres Diane Metcalf, by far the best professor I’ve ever had! She explained everything and related them to real life situations/cases. She always takes the time to make sure everyone understands and follows the material. She’ll even stay after class and discuss everything. She definitely played a huge role in my motivation to continue with my psychology degree.

Brittany Stein-Ouimet Suzanne Dilillo she’s a great, personable educator (Walnut Creek campus). I graduated in 2014 but I’ll never forget her (and what she told us). Mr. Peder Hash is a great educator. He definitely helps you out in many ways and doesn’t give up on you. He always keeps you on your toes so you’re learning and obtaining what you’re essentially paying for!

Laurie Tenney Lowy Dr. Marilou Ryder transformed a group of educators into a team of highly motivated educational leaders. She is a great mentor and role model to us all!

Leanne Marie Pinheiro Marshall Pipkin (Hanford), amazing man, counselor and teacher. He helped me to see myself in a different way and to help me live life to its full potential.

Matt Medland Tim Silva at the Brandman campus. I learned more about leadership from him than I did from 12 years of actually leading in the Navy. My Navy years were formative, but his classes refined me. I went out of my way to be in his classes.

Sarah Hooks Cynthia Murphy, Dr. Kim Kinna, David Long and Dr. Victoria Cross. All incredible educators who bring real life applications to the classroom. I’ve had such a great time being a criminal justice student at Brandman! It’s honestly hard to choose just a few teachers. Thanks for all you do!

Jenn Knight I’ve only had three so far and all are beyond amazing and truly care about the advancement of each student: Linda Del Rio, Donald Nikkel and Kathleen Murphy, all from Hanford and Visalia.

Antoinette Neal Dr. Luis Ramirez. Beside the fact that he is a great dresser, he is so compassionate about what he teaches and his student’s success. He is down to earth, filled with wisdom and a strong mentor!

Christina Portillo Dr. Carlos Guzman (Irvine campus) was really patient and very helpful as my statistics instructor. I wouldn’t have survived without his willingness to have small group conferences with us struggling students.

Raegan Finnie Dr. Sheila Steinberg at the Irvine campus!! She’s hilarious, personable, knowledgeable and understanding. Can’t really ask for a better professor than that! Also, Dr. Melanie Borrego at the San Diego campus, for the same reasons.

Eva Hedger Dr. Tamerin Capellino, Dr. Marilou Ryder, Dr. Jeffrey Lee, Dr. Alan Enomoto, and Dr. Helen Eckmann

Connie Breyman Kimberly Olson, Eric Silva, Wendy Micham, Dr. Joselito Faustino, Gary Bingham … so many at the Victorville campus!!

Consuelo E. Sandoval Dr. Monique Moton, Yuba City campus, a very true educator. Committed to the success of each and every one of her students and is very supportive throughout the entire term. Very inspirational to all students and goes the extra mile to help any students when help is needed…Takes her time in class and discusses everything to make sure you understand it.

Kimberly Clark Professor Labat, starts off scary but is passionate and kind. An exceptional educator!

Laura Simmons Too many to choose from! Debbie Purpus, Stan Sorensen, Gloria Cruz, Dr. Luis Ramirez, Dave Labat, all at the Antelope Valley campus

Lisa Coto Dr. Christopher Deulen because he is an awesome professor.

Claudia Contreras Catherine Cushing Pou is an amazing instructor. I wish I had her for all my classes … Statistics class is hard and with all her knowledge and patience class was smooth and, in fact, easy.

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