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If you want to find the university that’s best for you, it pays to do your homework. The first thing to consider in narrowing your choices is to understand the difference between a not-for-profit university and a for-profit university.

Brandman University is a not-for-profit university, which means our number one priority is to fulfill the needs of our students. Those needs include hiring excellent professors to instruct them, and designing a curriculum that is going to serve them well in the job market. Another important need is ensuring students receive proper counseling, so they stay on the right track, complete their education and successfully earn their degree.

Conversely, it’s highly debatable whether for-profit universities place their students as their number one priority, because most for-profit universities are designed to make a profit for their corporate directors and the shareholders of the companies that own them. To highlight this point, consider that the National Center for Educational Statistics found that not-for-profit universities on average invested $15,321 per student, while for-profit universities only invested $3,017 per student1.

As you can see from the above statistic, choosing the right type of university can be a huge factor in determining the quality of the education you’re going to receive. This is a major reason that Brandman
University’s student graduation rate is more than twice that of the leading for-profit university.

So, if you’re considering a university to help you achieve your educational goals and realize your dreams, select one that puts your needs first and foremost, ahead of their bottom line. A university like Brandman.



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VO:  At for profit universities, a lot of your money goes to things like shareholders and holding companies, leaving less for your education.

VO:  But, at Brandman, a not-for-profit university, your money goes to quality professors, outstanding programs, and state of the art support. So you can get a better education.

VO:  And that’s pretty sweet.

VO:  Brandman University. Move up.

VO:  Recently, Brandman won three major honors from U.S. News & World Report.

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