Online vs. Blended Learning

The Brandman University Difference

Regardless of the modality you choose, both online and hybrid classes are developed in the Brandman iDEAL ™ model (Instructional Design for Engaged Adult Learning). As part of the Brandman iDEAL ™ model, learning becomes a living experience with the integration of real-world issues and current events into each class. And unlike traditional college classrooms, you’ll be able to access your virtual classroom any time of the day or night.

Hybrid / Blended

Brandman University offers over 52 degree and certificate programs at 26 campuses and sites throughout California and Washington. Hybrid classes are delivered in a blended learning format, combining face-to-face instruction with independent and collaborative online learning.  You will be on campus once a week in the evening with supplemental interactive coursework in our web-based e-classroom, Blackboard©. Personal student support services including financial aid and academic advisors are available on campus to help you stay on track for graduation.

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Online (Term)

Brandman University offers fully online degree and certificate programs, providing the same high quality education of face-to-face classes but in a flexible format that lets you plan coursework around your busy schedule. We are honored to have our online bachelor programs ranked Best by U.S. News for five consecutive years (2012-2016). Finding a top online college that offers affordable tuition, year-round sessions, and a variety of online degree programs is not easy, but Brandman University meets all those criteria. As an online student, you’ll receive the same quality of education and attention to detail as Brandman’s on-campus students. As an online college student, you’ll communicate with classmates and professors in a virtual environment and can access all student support services, including admission, financial aid and registration, to help you stay on track for graduation.

Online (Self-Paced)

A True Measure of Your Skills 

You have worked hard for your personal and professional accomplishments. Why not apply them for credit toward achieving your bachelor’s degree? Reduce wasteful time spent on concepts you have already mastered and focus on filling in the gaps. Brandman MyPath’s competency-based programs take into account your:

  • Knowledge
  • Skills & Abilities
  • Experience

So you can achieve a bachelor’s degree that is:

  • At your own pace, on your own time
  • Tailored to your educational needs
  • Relevant to your career

Exceptional Value

The price of college may seem overwhelming. Brandman MyPath is truly an affordable education option. Students pay $5,400 per academic CBE year, total. Embedded textbooks are provided at no additional cost to students!

What Path is Right For Me?

As a student-centered institution, Brandman University recognizes that each student has personalized goals and learning styles. Brandman University offers degrees to suit the needs of any working adult. If you are not sure which type would best suit your needs, here are some things to consider:


Brandman Term-Based

Brandman MyPath

Which Path is Your Path?

Our term-based programs are the right fit if you:

  • Operate better in an environment where deadlines are given to you and the weekly workload is more predictable
  • Prefer to learn in a guided classroom environment
  • Enjoy direct weekly interactions with classmates and professors

Brandman MyPath is the right program if you:

  • Are a motivated learner that wants to dictate the pace of your learning
  • Have prior work experience that could apply to certain subjects.
  • Prefer to work in a self-directed environment at your own pace with no set due dates

Available Degree Programs

46+ degree programs in Arts & Sciences, Business & Professional Studies, Education, and Nursing & Health Professions

Offers a Bachelor’s of Science in Information Technology and four Bachelor of Business Administration emphases. 


Depending on the program, you have the option to learn in a blended or fully online classroom environment

Brandman MyPath is fully online, giving you the option to learn anytime, anywhere.


You pay per credit hour. Total tuition is dependent on the program

You pay a flat rate per billing period defined by the number of competencies and weeks of instruction

Course Load

You typically can complete 1-2 courses per 8-week term for a total of 8-16 courses per academic year

You can complete as many competencies as you want in a 6-month term


Required textbooks are purchased or rented by students, on top of tuition

All digital textbooks and course materials are included in the flat tuition rate

Transfer Credits

Prior coursework from regionally accredited institutions is transferable (grades of C or better). For more information about transferring please see our transfer page.

Prior coursework from regionally accredited institutions may provide clearance of certain competencies (B- or better) AND the content of such prior coursework covers all of the content of a particular competency or block of competencies. For more information about transferring please see our transfer page.

Getting Started

There are up to 6 starts per year, bi-monthly

48 starts per year (every Sunday), except for the two-week winter and two-week summer breaks

Time to Degree

Based on various factors, you will earn your degree within a predetermined timeframe. These factors include but are not limited to:

  • The number of credits in the enrolled program
  • The number of credits transferred
  • Your progress in 1-2 courses per 8-week term

Move as quickly or as slowly as you would like. The time that it takes to complete your degree is entirely dependent on you and your schedule. If you have prior knowledge from work or other experiences, your time to degree may move even faster!

Faculty and Academic Support

Faculty members utilize their expertise in each course subject area to serve as the subject matter expert who shares his/her knowledge and experiences in the classroom. Students also have access to:

  • Academic Advisors
  • Math and Writing Tutors
  • The Leatherby Library 

Tutorial faculty provide support for Brandman MyPath students. They use their proficiency in specific subject areas in one or more of your competencies to guide you in the learning process. Assessment Graders evaluate your submitted work and provide robust feedback in a timely manner. Students also have access to:

  • Academic Coaches
  • Math and Writing Tutors
  • The Leatherby Library